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Bright Star Chapter 14

Sorry. It been a year. And now all my exams is finished.  Finally get back to my hobbits. Hope you all still interest in my story. And here is continue. Thank you for supporting.


“Hey man! Miss you so much! Are you ready for the show?” Ryan huge his best friend and ask. George nodded to say yes. “Mka is coming at your back!” Ryan whisper to George.

“George! Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be in hospital?” Mka ask George when trying to lead closer to him.George slightly walk a step away to avoid her. Mka embarrassed and ask again. “ why didn’t you tell me you were leaving to hospital so I could come get you?” George ignore her and walk away to gather up his team and start schedule the show.

George grab a huge paper and write:

We will be leading start for the show for first 10 to 15 minutes, depend how good we are, then the next 20 minutes to half hour will be for the freakin team, that will be our important timing, if he got his audiences then our show will be worthless, so when it's our turn again, I want everyone to work our ass up on full power for half an hour, the last 10 to 15 minutes is the freakin team to end up, So i want us Bam at the start and rest well then full power on the half hour show okay?
Everyone cheer and agree on this.
Then he write: make sure you set up everthing good this time Ryan i don’t want to see the piano is gone this time.
“It not my fault on that, how could and one steal a electronic piano in such size? Why not a guitar!” Ryan complained.

George smiles and turn his head, looking around for Silver. He found her. Shining at the corner like she always do. Everyone is gathering at the side of the stage.  Listening to Mka whining about everything.  Silver catch George's eyes and blush. George way his hand and signal her to go on back stage. She look at Mka, she wasn't paying attention to her like she always have. So silver wall to the back stage.

The moment they met, George give silver a big hug. But Silver was not in a mood. She start ask questions.  “what if Mka find out about us?” “I'm scared” “ I feel like I'm betraying her”. But George just brush her hair between his finger and look into her eyes.

She look up and want to ask questions again. George bring up one finger and put on her lips. She start blushing. And her eyes become watery. George bring down his finger to her chin. Gently lift her head up and kiss her. Her heart melted, her mind flew away. Their lips lock. George gently kissing her. Soft, yet desired.

“all setup!” shout Ryan. At the back of George. “oh… didn't realise… Damn, George. I got to say You not just having fine taste at music. Women too!”

“shush! No one knows!” George panic.
“I should go… before they find out I'm gone” Silver got startled by all this and walk away. “jes… Ryan.” George frustrating. “when?” Ryan smirk and interrogate. “when hospital…” George blush. “so now you speak! Why no one should know? I bet Mka is gonna be mad about this.” Ryan love chaos. “Is Silver wishes. And I'll respect that.” George said. “did you do it?” Ryan is all buzzing. “yes…” George hesitate.  “Awwwwwwwww! We got a big boy here. Finally!” Ryan explode. “low down your voice!” George cover Ryan mouth with his hand. Ryan push George away and smirk. “come on. We have a show to go” George said.

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BrightStar Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Dear readers, I'm trully sorry for taking me so long to write this chapter, but with all my heart I'll try my best to type faster, Now days has always need to study, apologize again.

The next morning Esberstark follow Ryan to George ward, Ryan leaves Esberstark in George rooms and left to school.

“You have got my letter?” Esberstark asks George. “Yeah, that why I ask you to come. I have got few ideas on what happened to Renny!” George said. “Alright! I’m all here, wait… how come you can speak?” Esberstark stop for a while. “It’s still hurt when I speak, but for Tracy. Don’t tell anyone yet.” George wants to keep this as secret yet so no one will bother him for now. “Didn’t Tracy know? she came last night.” Esberstark asks. “that what I want to talk about in today. She never came in, I was with Silver last night, Don’t know what she saw, But I think she left with anger.” George doesn't want to mention what he have done last night. “Oh! that explain it, I saw her today and she doesn't seem to be in a mood to talk about it, What were you doing with Miss Silver?” Esberstark asked. “Nothing! Let talk about Renny first!” George is a terrible liar so he changes the subject.

“alright, let's focus.” Esberstark starts this conversation.

“I’m going to tell you something happened to me when I was still in that hospital and you are not going to believe me.” George wants to make sure Esberstark don't think he is crazy first.

“ well, after the whole Tracy thing, I don’t think there will be more nonsense in this world.”Esberstark don’t think anything else will make him surprise anymore.

“Alright then, when I were still sleeping in hospital, there were a men came in and turn my machine off…” George tell every detail to Esberstark and let him know about that night. “I confirm it was real that night, Dr. Mike came in next day and ask the nurse did anyone came in and mess with my machine, The nurse have no idea, but I’m damn sure there were something wrong. Dr. Mike won't tell me, I believe he is afraid of me knowing a going to lawsuit him, I guess.” George frustrating at this point.

“I’m buying, but after that, what comes up in your brain then?” Esberstark understand George and what to continue knowing about what happened on Renny.

“So then I came up few things, I don’t think Renny did it. Maybe he did it, but not him.” George said.

“What?!” Esberstark don’t follow.

“I don’t think is Renny mind when he did it, it wasn’t himself. Also I think he have helped. I don’t think a nerd like him can do all this by himself, setting his only friend on fire, that is not any nerd can do.” George explain it better.

“So… Renny didn’t do it, who did?” Esberstark ask.

“A help form an elder in order to know this way to put away evidence, and another personality of himself.” George clear the fog.

“Renny was a psychopath?!” Esberstark got off guard.

“Come down! I don’t think he did all those killing. It just a connotation, it not necessary right!” George said.

“So… Who is the elder who help?”Esberstark ask.

“I don’t know! I wasn’t in your time! Should be you who answer this question. I’m just telling you what i think on all this after such long time. How many days left to Christmas show?” George have done his job and start to worry about his show.

“Two days, I’m afraid you don’t have much time left. Get your ass up and start Ruling your own team. I don’t think your best friend Ryan is holding on anymore.” Esberstark said.

“Shot! Two days?!” George flabbergaster and call the nurse to register going back to school.

“Gotta go, time to do my job.” Esberstark walk away and said.


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BrightStar Chapter 12

Such huge moon above the sky. Moonlight shining every window in the school. Such a nice night Tracy think.
She walk her way to the ward to visit George, bring along with Esberstark letter. 
Silver wait till the nurse done checking ward and go back inside her office and take a sneak for a little nap cause the whole building only got George in there. Silver sneak into the Ward corridor before the door close and lock itself. She susccefully walk inside to the corridor and walk to George room door, she stop at his door and turn aroung and take a deep breath. She look into the glass door front of her and she fix herself, she came with ready, dress up very nice for this moment. She make her beautiful dark hair a little bit curly then usual, she let her hair down tonight to her back, that makes her more hot then her normal days with full face make up. She only put on the eyeliner tonight and with cat eye mascara, only apply very lightly, didn't make it extra long. She put on a leather white jacket and fully up zip! And mini shirt with Scotland red pattern on it, line up at the side with some bing ring chain. She didn't put on any silk stocking, just let her natrual skin out, painful high heels she only wear it when- no… She don't wear it no matter what, it deadly beautiful but dreadful painful, it has black leather lines crossing each other till her upper ankles and zips at the back of her foot heels. The rounding base line is white leather, perfect match with her jacket. 

She got herself prepared and turn back to George ward room and open the door. She walk inside and see George is sitting up holding a paper and write: I thought you were not coming. 
Silver walk to his bed and read it, “no, I've t wait till the nurse walk away… You know… So we could be alone.” Silver whisper to him just loud enough tthat he could hear. George didn't move, he just look at Silver, he coldnt pull he eyes off from her. He take up his hand and swipe down in her hair, it smooth and delicate. Silver is blushing like sunset. So she try to speak something “How do you feel? Is it too much for you? Don't you love singing?” Then silver realise she has ask a stupid questions, how could she ask him when she know he will feel sad! But he didn't. 
George write: yes, I love singing, and doc said I still have hope, just need more time. I'm worrying about you, do you mind I can't speak?

“You are so brave, why would I mind when you are already perfect?” Silver climb to his bed after saying this. 

She climb one the bed and stop at the side of George, she open her legs and lightly sit on George legs. She lean forward and kiss him. She hand herself closer to George and let her chest lay on his, she can feel his body heat pass though her jacket. No doubt George kiss her back with little French kiss, he is not a great kissing but he is enjoying it. He put his right hand on to silver upper thigh and slightly slowly moving up to her hip, she put her left hand on George chest and using her right hand to guide George left hand onto her leather jacket zip. George slowly unzip it and he take a very deep breath while he saw such magnificent round, ample, brazenly beautifully formed breast  in front of him. He froze and look at it without blinking his wide open eyes, to be honest this is his first time. Silver has come with ready, she hold his hand and bring him up to her bare firm breast and let him lay hand on her. George slowly reacting to it and slowly cupping her nice and gentle. Pressing on it and let the texture gose around in his hand. The moon light shine on her and her breast glistening on her, this is the best night George certainly never experience it before. George move away his eyes and look up to her, the moon light shine on her hair, he can see it reflecting little silver light on it. Silver see his face expression and know what he is thinking and said “Guess I still have my family blood in me.” George smile at her and swipe her hair close to his lips and kiss her hair. Then he look up and see her eyes is silver grey colour instead of honey brown like she always have, it supprise himself that he love it, he though he don't like it because it too cold. “I didn't wear colour con tonight… Bad for my eyes, it tierd to wear all day.” Silver explain to George, but she don't need to, George simply kiss her eye and move down closely and kiss her lips. Their lips lock and they are not going any where except each other lips, he continues going up to her thigh and unzip her dress. He move his whole body up and hold her against his chest and turn her over to his ward bed, George is on top of her now. He move down from her and move his hand along on her legs till her heels. He slow take off her heels and help her massage a little to help her relax, it like a natraul instinct in him telling him what to do, as he doing that he notice her ankle and foot heels is full of scars. But he let go of it and continue to relaxing her, he move back up and move his head along her body, he deep his head into her chest and feel that honey soft, tender breast she have got there. He take off her mini skirt and slowly kiss her belly and take off her underwear, his underwear as well. He lean closer to her and their belly touches each other, she gently touch on his penis and guide him close to her vigina, she whisper behind his ear "do it slow." George push his way in very slowly, Silver try to held on the pain but she still moan out a little. George stop for her, but she tell him not to. He continue his way in. Silver held the pain for her first time, but slowly she relax down and let George gose in deeper. She felt no pain any more same time she feel save with him. She realise she never going to regret this night with him, she didn't think about Mka anymore, didn't worry will George ever look at her. She is in deep love, hot love, like jump into a volcano!
Tracy arrive at the ward corridor to realise the door was lock, but of course she can just walk pass it. She pass the door and walking closer to George ward. She almost just open the door wide and walk in, but then she think of George maybe sleeping, so she peak inside to his door window and see he is with Silver, she turn around so fast and got off gaurd about what she just saw. She did not believe it so she turn around and look in again. ‘Yes! It real! I'm not dreaming… What the hXxx? He is with someone?!? Why do I care?! It non of my business! I was worry about him so sick, now I see he is just FINE! Even can do- Ah!! Son of a !’ Tracy wet on wall for no reason, she scramble the paper and thow it to the ground and walk away.
Silver sit at the side of George bed and get back to dress, mean while George grab a pencil and write down: why wear the heels when you don't like them?’
“So I could dance behind Mka, so I could be around you!” Silver answer him after reading it. 
Write: your eyes it so much beautify then I thought It would be, it like snow flakes in the air, keep it for me would you?
“You mean don't wear colour con?”
Write: it bad for your eyes anyway. Please?
“For you, anything!”
George give her a goodbye kiss and she walk away. She stop at the front of the door when she open the door. She pick up the scramble paper and bring it to George. “I think this is yours” silver pass it to George and go back to her hostel. 
George look at the letter and he know it, he can feel Tracy was here. He feel a strange feeling bumping from his heart like he have done something wrong. 

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BrightStar-Chapter ten to eleven

Chapter 10

“Shh…!” Someone is using his hand to cover George face. George open his eyes wide but he couldn't see much! It so dark everywhere! What happening? How would a hospital turn all the light off? “Hush… Come down… It no use for you to struggling right now, I meant no harm… For now!” The unknow s talking to George in a very creepy way. George can't see who he is, he want to breath faster but he have no contral, the machine is don't it for him. “How about doing this nice and slow… Shall we?” The man walk to George mechanical ventilators and turn it down to give less oxygen to George, that make George feel so weak and dizzy. “Here is the thing… Mr Stoneking… Why are you so interested to Tracy Kesinger? She should be died! What make you bring this after twenty years? How did you understand this incident? It should be stay hidden,I wrote in the letter said I'll kill everyone in your life, what makes you think it still works after twenty years? No… It not just because the letters… What else drive you to this… I'll find out! George Stoneking.” He run to George machine and turn it off, George feel awful and start struggling. 

“George!” George open his eyes and it dark night already, everything look the same as normal in the hospital. He look up and see such beautiful hair waving on him and he blink more few times and focus, the blur pass away from his eyes and see it Wellen Silver, “Oh hey! I thought I told Ryan tell no one to come?” George think, he stil can't speak and his face turn angry because of that. “Is it you don't wish to see me? I can go now!” Silver startled after seeing his face turn angry. George shake his hand in the air thinking no no no! “I… Guess that a no?” George nodd to her and realise it was a bad idea. The pipe that connect to his neck cause him deadly painful, his tears running out from he eyes within not his contral. “Are you okay…? Why are you crying?” Silver have no idea what to do. “George can't speak, he wave his hand like he is writing, “Oh! You want to write?” Silver pass the paper to George that Ryan left there. 
George write: Sorry I didn't mean to scared you, what time is it? Is dangerous if you come this night. 

“It fine… I think you are more dangerous considering your situation… It around 10 half now, we have done rehearsing after 10 o'clock, it close to school here, just twenty minutes away, I walk here, silver answer his questions to comfort him. She look at George eyes and attracting by it, George didn't move away his eyes either, George is paying so much more attention to Silver. In a way he doesn't know, he is lening froward to her little by little… He blink away and write down

Is your hair brunett or black? 

“Haha, it dark brunett, just got few pink highlight to make a illution that is black, my whole family 
Have silver hair… I'm the only one who have dark hair… they caught surprise when I was born like this… Where are your parent?” Silver explain to him. 
George write: I like your hair, makes you special in your family!
I love brown eyes more then grey, seem to cold. 
My parent is on a Reincarnation Concerts, can't come, but they have been notice.
“Oh… Thank you I guess… That very nice of you, I'm sure your parent have no choice but to no coming. Um... Look! I make you this bracelet… For better luck…” Silver pass the bracelet over very shy and show to George. It a very delegate work on it, shine white boned with light sky blue, with dark blue at the side boned with black. It about one inch wide. George love it! He pull up us left hand and let Silver put it on. “To want it? Really?” Silver get off gaurd and very glad that George want it. George nodd to her and rise his hand more, she gentlely put the bracelet on to him, it was surprisingly fit! Her face is blushing like a cherry. “It matches your eyes, as I aspect.”
George write: thank you very much, I love it. It pretty late now, you want to go back to your hostel?
“Yeah Sure…” Silver don't want to go that soon, she want to spend more time with him. 

Write: help me ask one more question before you go, did anyone else came to my room?

Silver went to look for a nurse and ask. 

“The nurse no one came…” Silver sit George bed by his leg, and look into him. “So… Bye… Se you soon I guess…” She stand up and leave his bed, but she sit back down for a second and turn to George and kiss him. George didn't srink, he kiss her back with a little toungless kiss, gently use his tounge touch her inner upper lip. Just for two seconds Silver hearts was already bumping like a running bourse. She push George away and stand back up. “Um… Bye!” Silver walk away from his room and go back to her hostel. 

She stand by his room door and turn back tell him “the nurse also tell me the doctor will come tomorrow morning to see can you get off from your machine, and move you to our nurse office and let you rest there.” 

George nodd at her and lay back down, no though, after two seconds he fall at sleep again.

Chapter 11

“Good morning Mr Stoneking! You ready?” The doctor has come to help George get off from the mechanical ventilator. “That strange…” The doctor read the printing data records from the machine found something pop out. He whisper to the nurse but George can still hear the nurse answer. ‘No… No one came to touch it.’ Then George knows… It was real last night. 
After putting out the machine George is good to transport him to the school ward. When he arrive, Mka was already there when he get in his ward. Silver and Snow is behind Mka. Once George notice Sliver was there he couldn't put his eyes away from her. Silver try her best to avoid eye contact with George. She don't want Mka to find out that she like him too. 
Mka keep talking, keep asking how is George, George know Mka is just trying to take care of him, but a minute of silence would be great.
Finally, the school bell ring, Mka have to leave. She fight so hard to leave George alone. Silver walk behind her, George grab her hand lightly very fast and put a peace of paper in her hand. Silver got flabbergaste and run away with Mka.


“I'm sorry I couldn't be there with you.” Tracy keep apologising to Esberstark while she is listing to him what happened. 
“It alright! Stop apologies to me, I'm not the one who got poision, that kid safe my life, got to go thanks him later. You visiting him ?” Esberstark ask Tracy. 
“Yeah I'm going tonight, I'm sure he need more time to adobt. I think is too much for anyone.” Tracy understand George feeling. 
Esberstark keep silence, he still feel guilty about this. It could have been him, he should be the one who laying in the hospital. Not George. 
“Hey! It not your fault! You tried your best, he is still alive because of you, don't take this on you. Did you get a new clue then?” Tracy try to change the subject, “No… It was another dead end… that bastard play us, but there is a high chance Renny is the one who killed you, but there are some part dosnt make sence. The cover of the letter Renny wrote, his mom said it his writing, after I open the envelope his mother didn't recognise his writing anymore.” Esberstark point it out.
“Is that mean Renny didn't kill me?” Tracy still have hope in Renny. “Is Renny maybe force to write that envelope and the killer write the letter?”
“No… Doesn't add up. I mean who would kill a girl and do so much for it, no ones gonna find out anyway, he could have just walked away. Why do so much unless there is more reason.” Esberstark still don't think all this were just coincident. 
“Well… As you said it was a dead end. How you gonna find out?” Tracy ask. 
“Give this to George, it the letter, I meme rise it and write it down. Maybe he can think out of something.” Esberstark pass the paper to Tracy. 
“Alright! I'll give it to tonight.”Tracy said. 


“Good morning Mr Stoneking! You ready?” The doctor has come to help George get off from the mechanical ventilator. “That strange…” The doctor read the printing data records from the machine found something pop out. He whisper to the nurse but George can still hear the nurse answer. ‘No… No one came to touch it.’ Then George knows… It was real last night.

After putting out the machine George is good to transport him to the school ward. When he arrive, Mka was already there when he get in his ward. Silver and Snow is behind Mka. Once George notice Sliver was there he couldn't put his eyes away from her. Silver try her best to avoid eye contact with George. She don't want Mka to find out that she like him too.

Mka keep talking, keep asking how is George, George know Mka is just trying to take care of him, but a minute of silence would be great.

Finally, the school bell ring, Mka have to leave. She fight so hard to leave George alone. Silver walk behind her, George grab her hand lightly very fast and put a peace of paper in her hand. Silver got flabbergaste and run away with Mka.

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BrightStar chapter nine

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He open the envelope and stay reading. 

Dear You!
  I cAn See yoU have FouNd mE! An-Hahaha-waha. MeAns you hAve aGrEE tO pLay ThIs gAme! WhaT GamE? I muRdEred TRACY KESINGER! ThaT thE gAme! YES… NoW you must PLAY oR eAcH PersOn yOu cARe WilL DIE! 

 RuLE Is siMpLe! FoLlOw the CluE! You Can’t yOu DiE! LoOk CareFul eVerY thInG arOUNd you! THe GAMe is ON!

NoW, Let PlAy! How MuCh yOu WilL dO to FiNd ouT?

P.s hoLd On tO mE. 

13th MaRch, 1998

“That it?” George grab the letter away from Esberstark hand, Esberstark grab it back and stare straight  at George eyes, “You want more people to die?!” Esberstark almost cramble the letter to chatter pieces, “No-nono no… This is not Ren-ny, this is not him. He never speak like this.” Mrs Dalton tears never stops rolling, she keep using her hand to wipe her tears but her face is still wet like a towel soak in a bowl of water, Mr Dalton try to hold his tears as hard as he could so he could give his wife a bit more comfort. “What he mean by the game and he killed a inocent girl?” Mr Dalton ask Esberstark at the same time he put his wife in his chest so she could use his shoulder. BOOSH!

  Boosh! The letter turn on fire itself! When Esberstark temp to let go, “No! Hold on to me! Remember?” George remind Esberstark and hold his hand so he would stop him to shake it off. Chssssss… The fire burn out slowly, a small paper left in his palm, George let go of Esberstark hand and take the paper. “Give me your hand!” Mr Dalton ask Esberstark. Esberstark hand it over, Mr Dalton put his hand in to the ice Lemon, “it should help you stop burning, it not serious, just the surface skin, not yet the fat layer and muscle, put burning cream will heal.” Mr Dalton is a retired E.R. Doctor, Esberstark hold the ice lemon on his other hand and walk aside so George can't see his painful face. 

George continue the game, it written:

You havE mAde it tO lEvEl tWo!
I stand here all the time,
Just tO let you see me when I'm on you mind.
I keep Your frozen moment,
You put me in your apartment.
The day I start learning,
Is the time I start falling.
What am I?

*it my ever first time riddle, forgive of it sucks.

‘Please don't turn in fire again…” George is praying in his heart. “Do you know what it means?” Mr Dalton ask George. “It just a riddle, give me a minute!” George begin to think, ‘I stand here all the time… Mean something don't move… Just to let you see me when I'm on your mind… “What on your mind now?” “My son” … He look for his son in photo! The frame! Frozen moment! A picture! Start learning… The school. The one Mr Dalton look at!’ George run to the frame and look at the image, he turn it at the back take the picture out, bingo! There is the new message! He notice this paper at the bottom is year in another, George read it with Mr Dalton:

I’m violet to purple rare be white and yellow,
See me by the side of the window.
When the time I fallen to the ground,
I stay with you all around.

P.s. Dig Me

“Wow… That so easy! Pretty obvious right?” He laght by himself and look around… No one is laughing with him, he put one hand behind his head and scratch his hair, he tur around so quick again to the window, ‘see me by the side… There! Purple flowers!’ He run outside of the room and look for the flower, Esberstark give the ice lemon back to Mr Dalton and run with George.  

“Sea lavenders! Your ex girlfriend favroutie!” George point his both hand to the flowers. “Dig it?” Esberstark ask George, “yep! That what the massage said!” Geroge rise his shoulder and pull up both of his hand and flap back his hand on his putter thigh, as the moment Esberstark temp to start, “what on earth you trying to do now?” Mrs Dalton come out from her apartment. “I'm sorry Mrs Dalton, but the message request to dig up this flower.” Esberstark explain, “please! Is the only thing I've left from my son! He planted this before he left.” George can see Mrs Dalton eyes is so red that you almost can't see her eye white, she cried to hard. Mr Dalton come along.“My apology, but I have my own green house garden that take care of all sea lavender inside, I assure you I will take well care, after digging it I will personally help you place it back.” Esberstark put his right hand against his chest and his left hand put behind his back and lower his head to Mrs Dalton. Mrs Dalton put down her hand from her chest and take a deep breath and nod, she turn around walk back to her house, before she open her door “just to let you know, I'm doing this for Tracy, but I don't want anything to against my son!” She open the door and go back infoor, didn't even look back. “It alright to tell us what you have found after this, it better than no knowing” Mr Dalton wish even his son is become a different person but he is still his son and he still love his son. He walk in side also. 

Mean while George look around, ‘that all?...just that easy?... No no, something is mising… This is wrong… How could all this just be that simple? If it that easy… Why riddles? … p.s dig me… Won't that just going to be telling me the answer? … The time I fallen… Oh my god!’ Gregor stop thinking and start running back to Esberstark as fast as he could, “No! Stop! Stop! Get off!” Esberstark didn't react fast enough, psssssst! George push Esberstark away! “What the- you? Hey! George!” George lay on the grass choking, he couldn't responds, it was poision gas, George save Esberstark in time but he breath in the poision, soon he can't even caught, he face up to the sky and lying there, he can't breath… Faintng dealing with out oxygen… “George! Lord… What should I do?” Esberstark shake George so keep him wakeup, George use his last strength to point at the digging spot, another message! 

You forgot the paper two…
When the time YOU fallen,
I will stay with you all around.
Guess where I'm at. 
P.s you have 45 second. 

“Oh lord! 45 second, 10 second pass already…” Esberstark stand up and look around, around… Jesuse! Then thanks god he notice at one bar of the fence is planted a sea lavender. He rush to it and see a tiny nife mark writing “break me” he didn't think much, he use all his force to try break it, he try to use his hand but he just got a burn, it hurt like hell! He is kicking it but the while fence is to strong! 20 second pass...15 seconds left… “Ahhhhhhh)))))))))))))) break!!!!!!!” Esberstark push as hard as he could! 5 seconds left!!! “Bloody … What are you doing?!?” Mr Dalton come out and see what going on with the loudness, he was shocked by seeing bleeding hands on his harder fence and George lay on floor not moving, he go straight at George and check his vitals, “honey! Call an ambulance! Detective! What cause this?!” Mr Dalton try to understand the situation before doing any decision, “it was poision! Gas on-e!  Ah! I have to break this! 20 seconds over!” Esberstark speak as he push. Bang! A clear song come from the broken fence and a bottle of glass fall on the grass, it size amount as a finger, clear, pure liquid inside appear as violet. Esberstark rub his blood on his hand and pick up the bottles run to George, he pass the battle to Mr Dalton so he could save George life, Mr Dalton smuge the blood on the bottle away and see “oral”, he open George mouth and pore into George mouth, it 60 second over… Mr Dalton start CPR right away, ‘wake up… Wakeup… I'm not going to let my son kill one more person’ Mr Dalton Keep thinking. George still not breathing…


Again thank you for reading!


The ambulance arrive, the paramedics have to push the epi twice and shock him twice to get George back, lucklil he have been reacting to the IV, George is safe now.

Beep… Beep… Beep…
George wakeup from the sound of his ECG, burning in his throat and chest, he look down and see there is a huge plastic pipe go in to his neck. He panic and confuse about what happening, he follow the pipe and see it connect with a huge machine that bumping air to his lung. He trying to speak but he couldn't, he start struggling and move around. “Mr Stoneking, please stop moving. I'll help you call the doctor, but please stay still.” The nurse walk away.
“Easy… George… I'm your doctor, Dr Mike, I can see you have awake! And please let me explain, you were in an accident, you breathed in poision gas that will corros you respiratory system and causing you to got in cardio arrest, but you got luck! Your friend found a cure to purefied your poision, but you damage throat and lungs will remain. I have done a sugrey on you and I stop the bleeding, but you will need this tube for few days, this tube is connected to the machine name mechanical ventilators, you may experience such pain in your body, so I suggest if you really can't stand the pain you can click the nurse button anytime and ask for morphine. Nod if you understand.” George bump his head into the pillow hard and hold his feast so hard that can blow up an apple, “alright than! Your friend is outside, you want me to send him in?” George just nod.

“Hey dude!” First thing Ryan said after he come in. He came in with wet messy hair and full of water drops on his leather jacket. “Woah! You look like crab! You breathing in this?” Ryan teasing George again. George want to talk back but he can't.
“Yeah! It raining outside,outside, rain like hell now, everything turn so dark and seems so different. No idea what going on. I get it, you still want to sing, but the doc said you need more time to recover, no time to catch up open day. I'll keep helping you to ask Tracy.” Ryan seems like total understanding why George is thinking. George feel relief after hearing Esberstark is fine and he wants to get out if hospital as fast as he can. So he could catch up with his team. “The girl are doing fine, but they-well is not ‘they’ but Mka you know, she only obey to you, so she gave an order only dance when you and your guitar are here. She is so piss at you about when you lie to her that you were coming back soon and you did not.” Ryan explain what else is happpening. George pull up his right hand and smash on his fore head and swipe down his face. He hold up his hand and swing in the air like he is writing, “Oh! You want to write?” Ryan grab a pack of paper at the table that next to George bed’s. 

‘I'll come back as soon as I can, help me ask Mka can she help me teach Tracy dance, if she can't she will learn playing guitar and practice her singing skills from you.help me find Esberstark and tell him to come by. No need anyone else to come visit.’

“Alright… That simple...anything else?”

Give this to Mka if she still hate you’

       I'm so sorry, will you trust me again?’

“Alright! Got to go! Good luck with you new look man!” Ryan couldn't stop teasing him.

‘Get off! Wipe yourself dry before coming in!”

“Haha! Yeah sure! Let me take a pic of you before I go!” 

George scrumble a peace I paper he just wrote and throw it to Ryan, to late. He still take a picture of him.

After Ryan walk away everything seems so quiet, only his heart beat is beeping at the back ground, only other sound is the rain taping on the window, he look outside, brain was right, everything turn so dark like the evil is coming…


“What the hell?! Noway I'm gonna dance without him!” Mka is thrill after listening to Ryan, Ryan got no more words to say so he pass the paper George write to Mka, she calm down after reading it. “Alright… We will dance…” Mka finally agree on Ryan, “oh one more thing, can you teach Tracy to dance?” Ryan ask very nicely. “Yeah sure! She look great anyway!” She answer without doubt. “Really? You would?” Ryan got off gaurd, “yes! What wrong with that?” Mka rise her eyebrows. “Nothing!” Ryan turn around so fast and get ready for the practice, “practice till 10 tonight!” Ryan order.

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BrightStar chapter seven, eight

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Chapter seven

Last chapter:
“So… Where is that Tracy now?” Mka ask George with a little bit envy in it. “When she is done she will come here” as he speak Tracy run in to the hall. “I know who is the reflection!!! It Renny!” Tracy scream as she run in. “Who?” George asked.

“It Renny! He studies science, mostly spend time in labtory.” Tracy say more after she arrive and stop running. “The nerd!” Esberstark help George clear his question mark on his face. “He was a science student, always stay in the labtory do experiment and cauclatetion. Tracy always has been nice on him, he was isolate by others because of his intelligence.” Esberstark explain everything. “But there is no way he could killed me, he is such a great person.” Tracy clear for Renny. “Only one way to find out!” George suggest. “Let go find him! He should be like… 40 something like you?” George ask Esberstark. “Do you know his address?” Tracy look in to Esberstark and ask him. “You have ask the right person. Wait here, I'll go get it. I'll be back.” Esberstark jog away and left them here. “So… Gather up!” Don't waste anytime! Practice makes perfect!” George keep being a leader. “You still in a mood to play music even after all this?” Tracy ask George. “Why not? We are falling way behind!” George really wants this show to be perfect. “Do you have any idea how importants this show is? It HUGE! It gonna let our principle to decide our team go or the frankins go to the championship of or state! Which is why I need to recruit a singer! A bright star! You!” George explain to Tracy why he need her so much. “Mka can sing for you!” Tracy try to pass the ball. “She..ah...she can't sing, they all sing horrible.” George feel embarrass when talking about the girls. “They only have the look and dance, please! Sing with me!” George beg her. “How is anyone going to see me, I'm dead remember?” “You sheet music! Once we touch we can see you, same as the audience!” “How you gonna make everyone to touch it?” “ I've few ideas, I can pull this off” George end the conversation. “I'm back!!!” Esberstark run back into the hall from the cave he made. “I've got the address here, I never suspect him, after all he is just a lab guy. We can go take a visit.” Esberstark suggest a quick way. “I'll go with you!” George don't want to loose any chance to help Tracy to find out what happens. “Stay with me!” Mka grab George’s hand and try to make him stay. But George just push her hand off and says he will be back soon and walk with Esberstark. Mka standing there start feeling little jealous of Tracy now.

Chapter eight

So, Esberstark and George arrive at Renny apartment that Esberstark was hold. It was a truditional house that have three floors anda triangle roof top with a grace iron gate auroing the huge garden.Look from outside you can see the whole building is build from braicks which looks brownies the garden seems well care be there is no any other plants except for grass that trim to perfect land like what you see in golf. “But George notice at the side if the house the little coner grow a small little flower there, George recognise it the flower that Tracy like! The sea leavender! “Um...how exactly you going to ask the questions?” George have no idea how to do this anymore. “Like this! Watch me!” Esberstark lead his way and  ring the bell, after a minutes a old lady comes to answer the door, “yes? Who is this?” The old lady use her old age sound to ask. “Good afternoon lady, I'm detective Esberstark and this is my partner George, we have come a long way to look for Renny and ask about the incident twenty years ago. Do you mind we talk to your son? Esberstark says it like he was actually a detective. (To remind, Tracy stays in school because she have no way to get outside of the school) George is so nervous about this pretending, so he stay quite and follow Esberstark lead. “My son is gone!” A old man come behind the old lady says it. “I'm so sorry about this, would you like to come in first?” The old lady apologise for her husband rudeness. “Yes, please!” Esberstark feel greatful.

George follow Esberstark and he start to look around the house, it just perfect! What I mean is everything is putting where exact it belong! The carpet on floor you can see it has some age but it still clean and warm colours, plate that is rare and expensive collection is put inside the cupboard clean and in order. As they walk inside the old lady talk to them. “I'm Renny’s mom, you can call me Mrs Dalton, he is Renny’s father. This is our house. As you see I'm a 64 years old lady. I hope you can understand.” Renny's mom explain to George who she is.

  They have arrive the resting room of the house and Esberstark sit down where Mrs Dalton lead them. “My son Renny disappear after Tracy incident. I've no idea where is he now.” Mrs Dalton tell the answer before Esberstark even ask, “he was gone after two years of Tracy dead to be excect. Tracy was such a nice girl, she walk home with Renny few times for his project, they can make such a great art. She has been his only friend, hey are good friends and there is no reason my boy will hurt her, don't even mention about killing her.” Mrs Dalton eyes start silence cry with rolling tears. George feels sorrow about this scene, same as Esberstark, but still he have to keep on asking before Mrs Dalton change her mind to answer anymore qeustions. “Did Renny say any things or acting weirded before and after the incident?” Esberstark acting is such a profession. He can see Mrs Dalton eyes is dropping tears, but she stop sniffing and her eyes motion for a second. Then he knows she is bidding something. “He was all up high at that time in his brain.” Mr Dalton spilt it out. Mrs Dalton close her eyes shut and few drop of tears fall out to her cheeks, “oh please! Stop, he was such a good boy, he did nothing wrong.” She whisper. She is still blind with the love to her son. “Help yeah! He was such a good boy that put those needles in his godame veins. The definition now days are way different.” Mr Dalton is getting so angry now. “What make you say that? Was he not souber?” George ask. “Hell yea! He couldn't even tell me did he eating his dinner, spending all his money to buy those shit, I spend all my life on him and that what I got for return.” Mr Dalton say nothing good to Renny, but for the real reason that he is so angry is because he love his son so much that he don't believe the drugs is going to take his son away just by that easy. He use anger to replace forgiveness to fill the hole in his heart. He need the fresh air so he walk upstiars.  Left Mrs Dalton all alonesitting at the sofa. “There is no report saying your son take any medication , why is that?” Esberstark check the files agin and there were no mention about Renny drug addicts problems. “No one ever notice Renny, everyone just see the surface of the incident, they were all looking at Lyon and other Bulliers. I wish they have ask so they could help my son before I notice it was to late.” Mrs Dalton regret so much about she couldn't help her son sooner.
 “Do you know what drug he was taking?” George asks. “No… Even if I don't know what drug he was taking, If I know that he was even touching it, I would have stop him. He never talks about anything that bothers him or making him stress. But I knew he was having trouble with making friends, which is why I'm happy that Tracy was his friend!” Mrs Dalton feel abit comfort after memorizing of the memory of Renny. “Do you mind we go take a look of your sons room?” Esberstark ask nicely. “Yea sure! The second door to the left at second floor. I didn't change his placement, things stays the same as he was gone, I clean up the dust some times.” Mrs Dalton show the way. “Why no change?” George have just ask such an rude question. Mrs Dalton stand there froze. “Do you mind make us a drink?” Esberstark help him get out of this tragic moment, “yea...sure… I have lemon ice…, I'll go get some.” Mrs Dalton walk to the kitchen. “You fool! Are you out of your mind?! Why on earth did you ask that question?” Esberstark teaching George a lesson. “What? Why not?” George still don't understand. “Parents never give up! They never stop loving their child, most case missing child, the parents keep everything In place so when thier beloved child come home they can come back to thier home again. Even some case they got bad news, they will still keep it, so if you ask this kind of stupid questions again. Not just make them a hard time, also pointing there is no hope. Get it?” George nod to show he understand.

They walk upstairs and George look around to satisfied his curious. Wood floor steps on for the stairs cover with the finest carpet to warm up the cold tone in house, lighten up they way with rice white wall paper with hidden rose printing with slightly darker colour. Last decorating with simple frame on the wall, but the picture weren't simple! They are Mr Dalton and Mrs Dalton loving travel posture around the world, there were few pictures with Renny inside, but all without Mr Dalton.

George finish the sniffing and walk in with Esberstark to Renny's room. They were not surprise. All science stuff in the room, blackboard for the wall to cauclate the physic, formula for the chemical, a wood board for sticking picture for the research of the creatures. Poster around the room of different scientists. Lot of science project around the lab table, I'm serious, there is a lab table in his room. It a vast, huge variety room, image a room can put a adult bed, a huge bookcase, a lab table, and a huge desk for study. And planty of place for science and art project put on floor. Done thinking? Yea excectly, must be expensive. “She is right! He is a good boy.” Mr Dalton looking at a picture sitting at Renny bed and said. Mr Dalton standup and put the picture where it was placed, George can slightly see it a picture of Mr Dalton and Renny stanging front of the school gate. Guess it the first day of school.

Esberstark walk to the studying desk and notice it was strange, all books in room is placed at the bookcase, but only this science book put here on desk very neat, no papers for note, no pen using, so he take a closer look, he sees a lot of memo at the science book, he have no interested for studying it, but he row down and read there is a word pops up, each memo is writing with black or blue pen, but he saw there is a mark with green written ‘Letter’, Esberstark open that page, yes no trick, there is an letter, Esberstark pick it up and show to Mr Dalton. “It Renny writing! How could have I missed it for all this long?” Mr Dalton recognise it Renny writing and stuns by what he have missed for twenty years. “Oh my! God have mersy, what is the letter about?” Mrs Dalton come up with four cups of lemon ice on a silver tray, she almost faint when she heard this news, George react fast and help her hold the tray and Mr Dalton give his shoulder to her.

“Let see what is this about” Esberstark start reading the letter.


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Brightstar part four, five and six

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  The story has come to Tracy and Esberstark finally meet each other. Their conversation continue...

  "Why I haven't see you around in school?" Tracy ask Esberstark to find out more, "I have no idea, it fate I guess." Esberstark puzzle in his own brain. "How see your world look like?" "It was not clear, it wa blur can't focus. I can't remember what happens, I don't have my memorise, don't know who I am can't reginise anyone, I try to call out but I can't! The way I died is causing my respiratory system so weak, I don't feel hungry but I felt my sheet music was the only things that importants to me. I hold on to it, and each time I'm lost, there will be a strong feeling from my sheet music and tell me where to go. After giving times. I can breath, speak, even sing. Then I can start hearing things, people talk, laugh, cry, calling out. It all surounding me. Took me long time to learn how to not hearing them. After this wonderful time, the nightmare begin. I was swollen back to where I was traped. Back in that room. Dark. Cold. Alone. It like I still have a purpose in there. So I calm myself and search aroung in that room." "Wait! Do you know how long is that after you die?" George interrupting her again. "I don't know, I told you it was fussy. I guess it already five years later. Cause everyone dress different already. No the same way we dress," Tracy look into Esberstark eyes. "So I traped in that room again, I saw you walked out of that room, I stayed and wait for you, everything is happing all over again, when I get scared it get fussy again, the more not clear they are, the more I got scared. I do not think I can contral it, I know cause I've tried dos many times already, I guess my emotion will stay the same as I died." Esberstark hold Tracy toward to his chest and hug her very hard. "Don't be. I here now..." Esberstark clam Tracy down and try to protect her from hurting again. "Ah..." George try to speak. "Did I tell you to shut your mouth?!?" Esberstark got impatient for George rudeness. "No! I have an idea, Tracy, do you think you can go back and see what heppened?" George ask her for his smart ass "Yeah! I think so, but I've put lot of times to get out of there."  Tracy feel forceful about this. "How did you manage to get out of there?" Esberstark worried for her so he ask him to be sure. "I wait! I what till the thing pass on as the way they happened. Thing in there get more clear each time I got out of that room, so each time things get more clear for me to understand. I got carry out by the fire man. I able to get of that bed anytime when after get out of that room, but I never able to get out if this school, when they leave the school the bed I lie on will disappear and I fall on the floor. It like there is a huge forcefield blocking me out. " Tracy tell Esberstark what happened and going to happens. "Honestly I think gerige plans will work. But is it gonna be too much for you?" Esberstark is worrie for Tracy. "If it works, I want to do it, if it can really help me get out of this place. Yes!" Tracy said it with pleasure. "How did you came to my show at open day?" George want to understand more, "I saw and gear lot if people taking about the open day, and they also mention about you and your bang. Labels everywhere saying you gonna be the show main show. So I wonder since my word is getting more clear why not go see something new, so on that day, I follows the peoples,  walked in that hall. That how we meet!" Geroge feel it such a amazing journey she got there. "Alright then. Shall we beggin?" Esberstark suggested.

bs chapter6

  Geroge leads the way climbing out of the cave, Esberstark close the gate and begin to climb the way out, “Tract follow me, Geroge stay the last! no way I'm gonna let you fall and get us all killed” Esberstark say this to George for humiliate him in front of Tracy. Geroge has no chance to fight back so he climbs up in silence.

Since going down is already hard, no way climbing up will be easy. Although it hard for them, Esberstark has climbed this rock tunnels for 20 years. Sure he is capable of this easy level.

Half way at the tunnel now, such dark and wet in there, George have no choice but to put his creapy phone flashlight away and use full hand to climb, but once he put it away he regret it. It is so dark that he can only see the light from Esberstark flashlight such far away. “Ah!!!” Tracy calls out. She trip and slip her legs, luckily George reacts fast enough so he can spear an empty hand to support her, there is the awkward moment… His hand is putting at a wrong place at Tracy … Tracy secure herself “thanks, I guess” Tracy try to climb  to as fast as she could so she could get out of this awkward moment. “sorry I didn't mean to I was just trying to help.” George trying to explain to Tracy, but Tracy ignore him and keep climbing. She didn't scroll at him because her ex-boyfriend is up there, and for all of their sake, she don't want them to be dangerous just because she get angry. But all in George head his just thinking she's kind of real for a ghost.

finally, they have arrived at their tunnel exit. Esberstark pushes that tree trunk and gets his feet back on land.Esberstark pull out his hand and help Tracy goes up and walk away go on a reach to the school. “hey... anyone help me out?” George still traps in the tunnel alone. Why am I even here? I'm just playing the guitar… He thinks for awhile and he climbs up to the whole himself. He closed off the tree trunk and follow up, he was falling way behind.

 As they are running to the room that Tracy died. George speed up and speak to Tracy and whisper “hey! Are you ready for this?” George is worrying for Tracy. “what do you mean? We are on our way now! I can't back out right now.”Tracy don't want to say no for now, either she wants to she already said yes at the cave and there's no turning back now. “I mean. If it's me normal for anyone to accept this much in such a short while.” George just trying to cut her some slack. “Well, I'm not someone and is not too much I've waited for 20 years. And Esberstark was my boyfriend he is just older doesn't mean he's not the same person. I don't want to hurt his feeling.” Tracy tries to put all this in a normal view, “is that what you mean? After 20 years you still love him?” Geroge got envy about this, “No!”Tracy shout out than she turn her voice down and whisper “I didn't mean by that, it just, he Was my boyfriend, it been twenty years, I don't expect this to happens, it just!” Tracy can not explain her feeling to Esberstark. “You still love him, but just not like the way you use to be?” George helps her to express. “Yes… Just not like I use to be…” Tracy feel is guilty about this so she look away from George's eyes and look down. “anything wrong you can talk to me, you know that right?” George holds her hand and face to her but she shake his hand off from her hand and say “I don't need to, and why Tom can see me after you pass him that sheet music?”Tracy starting to get irritated that she scream so angry but secretly she got a happy feeling of George warn hand and her heart starts beating again. She has not Idea why this is happening. “I don't know... how can I know?!” George not sure himself also. “Why Ryan and the others can see me? did you show them aswell?” Tracy asked George for a quick answer, “ Oh shot! I gave it to Ryan so he could take a good look, then he said he wants to study it.” George has no idea what he have done. “How much you want to bet he shown to others?” Tracy finally clears her clouds now. “We have to go seek out! We should go ask Ryan!” George panic. “I think you go alone and ask will be enough.” Esberstark comes us from nowhere, Tracy and George got flabbergasted. “When did you got here? When you start to listen?” Tracy asks him. “When you said your don't to hurt my feeling?” Esberstark answers her question with out feeling, he doesn't want Tracy to feel guilty about it. “Oh… Huh…” Tracy has no idea what to say. George is smirking at the conner. “We should keep going!” Esberstark suggest. “I thought you want to spread up!” George mans up and ask Esberstark. “I was saying if you want to go, you can go as much as you want! But I'm GOING TO STAY WITH TRACY!!!” Esberstark shouts at George to express his feeling. “Who said I don't want to stay with her? Do I want to find out what happens to her, why you always pick on me? What wrong. Huh? Better say it now before I punch your face!” George spilt it out in one second. “This is not personal, and I'm just trying to get the truth out also. But you are really not HELPING AT ALL!!! What make you think your sweet ass can punch me?!? Is that what you want ?!? A fight?!?” Esberstark pretends  he was not feeling anything about what Tracy said, but actually, he is hurting like hell in his heart, feels like his heart was like a rock keep falling from a well. “Now THAT is personal!!! I'm not scared to fight with an old Man, grandpa!” George can't hold back, he is being up a fight. “I'm just 48!” “You look like you are older than 70.” George rush to Esberstark and push him on the floor. Pulling up his hand and try to punch Esberstark face. “Stop it!! Both of you, you two are driving me crazy!” Tracy calls out and walk on, “we are going TOGETHER!” Tracy ignores them both and keep on. Esberstark push away George and throw him on the ground and walk with Tracy, George sits on the ground looking at Esberstark back and pull up a pack of grass temp to throw at Esberstark, but he change his mind and throw a pack of grass away and stand back up.


Finally, they arrive the hallway of the music room, "You ready?" Esberstark asks Tracy, Tracy nodded her head. "I will be right at your side, okay?" Esberstark walks in with her, George helps them to led the way and open the door, the moment he twist the handle "George! What the hell are you doing here? You said you'll be back! where were you? I looked all over the school."Ryan runs to George and gives him a good hug, "Yeah, I was walking with Tracy" George is thrilling to see his Bestfriend. "Come on, let head back, our show is dying because of you. I'm no good leader." Ryan says it very frustrating. "Do you mind wait for a bit more? just a for a sec." George want to talk before going with Ryan "Tracy begins now, don't wait for me. Esberstark will do the work." Then he turn around and run with Ryan." who is that old man?" Ryan asks Geroge. "A staff caught me talking with Tracy in the Greenhouse, he got pretty upset and he bit on me won't let me go, long story." Geroge thinks even if he lies he have to base on the truth. "You're a free man now!" Ryan keeps putting jokes on him.

"Start when you ready!" Esberstark doesn't want to rush her, "I'm born ready, let get start!" Tracy is very determent on this. They walk into the room, instantly Tracy feels dripping and falling into the darkness. "Tom? where are you?" Tracy loose sight of Esberstark and scream out. she is thinking he was right there, holding her hand. everything is so dark that she can barely see her own fingers, after a while things getting a little bit lighter, she is back in that room again.

The piano is in front of her, the door is behind her, facing the window give the creeps to Tracy. She sees Tom sit there behind the piano, she walk to the piano chair and sit dow. then she hears an Esberstark voice calling her, "Tracy! I'm right here!" Esberstark calls out for her alone at the music room, he can't see her either. "Where are you? why I can't see you?" Tracy is very frightening right now. "I don't know, I think is because we can't be in the same world... but still you can hear me, that use that advantage." Esberstark can't see a thing at his view, only a music room for him. "I'm still here with you." Esberstark trying to claim her. "What can you see now?" Esberstark asks Tracy, "Ah... you just walked out because of someone calling you. then I sit by the door facing the window. at that time, I should see the REFLECTION! there is the reflection. Gives me the creeps every time." Tracy feels a breezing blow throw at her back. " Now! Tracy, stop there." Esberstark command. "what? how am I gonna do that? Tracy got no clue. "try to focus on it! it should be a clue for us, maybe he or she can tell us what happened." Tracy takes few steps back, close her eyes and take a few deep breath, then she opens her eyes, things is getting clear now, not that fussy anymore. She walk to the window and look closer at the window. "I... I think I knew him... I knew him, Tom! I know who he is!" Tracy screams out.


"Hey Ryan, did you look at the sheet music I gave you?" George starting to ask questions at Ryan. "Yeah I did! pretty good song. I think you can play it." Ryan has no idea what is going on truly. "did you show it to others?" George wants to be sure about what he and Tracy have talked about. "Yes! I show to them! all of us, so we could decide to play it or not!" Ryan spilt out. "That why That why we can see Tracy!" Ryan stops there and his face is full of questions mark. "Look at your face! you should go see a mirror now!” George take revenge on Ryan. “Hey… That not fair.” Ryan feel shameful about this. “Come on, let get out of here” George change the subject.

“Hi George. Where were you?” Mka use her moan sound to attract George after he just arrive at the stage of rehearsing. “I'm going to explain now, gather up!!!” He clap his hand twis to notice them. Then he explain where were he and what happens to him.

“So… Where is that Tracy now?” Mka ask George with a little bit envy in it. “When she is done she will come here” as he speak Tracy run in to the hall. “I know who is the reflection!!! It Renny!” Tracy scream as she run in. “Who?” George asked.