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BrightStar part three

“Waite… Tom? Esberstark?!? Is that you?!?”
Tracy run to that men and try to hug him but her feet was like sticking on the ground and she couldn't reach to him,and she feels very compress by the air. Then everything go dark around her, after a second she fall in to theroom she died, isis so scared and try to run and reach for help but she couldn't there was no one! It was so dark and cold Tracy start on screaming Tracy help!Help!! Tracy! Tracy! Tracy open back her eyes and she saw George shouting her name and hold her arms with both hand shanking her waking her up. “You okay? You freak me out man, what happened?” George open his eyes very huge and staring at her. “It was weird, thanks for waking me up, I'm fine now.” Tracyuse her right hand to massage her arm where George hold her very hard, she is pretty sure if she didn't wake up he will strangle her to death. “George! Can you help me ask him?!?” Tracy ask George to help her. “Ah… Okay. Excuse me? Are you Tom Esberstark?” George ask nicely to the old men that crying on the floor right now for the flower he plug. “SUSH!!! Who tell you that?!? Why are you talking to the air?! Stop the drama” Esberstark walk toward to George so close that you can though their eyelashes can touch each other and grabGeorgeshirt to pull him closer. George flabbergaste that he close his eyes and almost scramble on floor and point his finger to Tracy. “My name is Sverdlovsk. Don't try to fool me boy! What are you pointing at?” Esberstark hide his identity and ask George. “She is right there! Tracy kesinger!” Esberstark let go of his hand on George shirt and stand there freeze for few seconds. “Why shall I believe in this nonsense?” Esberstark don't believe him at all. “She died! I saw her body bring out from that room! Let her be in peace! Why you have to bring her up?!”Esberstark it feeling so sad about what happened and happening now. “Come on Tracy. Help me out!” George is begging at Tracy. “I spill my hot chocolate at him when's first day of school, it was at the library. Which is no drink allow. When the library lady saw us, you hold my hand and run together. Don't know why you did such stupid thing. You were not the one who drink it. After we run down the hallways we look at each other eyes for a minute. Then we laugh together with no reason. And that how we start.” Tracy say it with a very sweet smile on her. Esberstark heart’s finally starting to beat again after Tracy dead.George have to repeat her speaking again. “What about here? You remember?” Esberstark ask Tracy. Tracy take a good look around her, “this is it right? Our dream we always talked about, a fawless greenhouse with my design of the structure for the perfect environment for the sea lavender. You did it Tom!” Tracy start to cry, tears of joy. “You also remebe the joke? Esberstark ask after listen to George. “Never forgot you always says the sun from the west is the best cause is sun down, but I always says the east is the best from sunrise. I can see you have made it for both side.” Years keep rolling down to her cheeks. Esberstark didn't say another word and just ask them to follow, George can see his eyes were full of tears. But he didn't say a word cause he is still afraid of what happen.
Tracy now know why she was feeling safe when he followed George, cause it happens at same when she ran with Tom. She start feeling wrong about this feeling… Why is it happening to both of them…

  They follow Esberstark all the way. George keep thinking why he is trap in this, he was just trying to get her star, it noon now, he said he will be right back. He look back the passage they walk on grass all the way to his school. There is no turning back now. He curage up and move on. After walk on the grass for a long time, the grass is getting taller and taller as tall as a men hight. Then for a while Esberstark put his on a tree trunk and push! The tree trunk fall oven like a huge heavy door, Esberstark show them the way to go in and he close the tree trunk. It the perfect blending with the dry leafs. There is a rock stairs. They climb walk down there and wait for Esberstark show the way. Esberstark pull out his flashlight and shone the passage, it like the a walking in a tunnel that was roughly use explosive to blow the way up and don't have any supporting on it. More they go deeper the humidity is more high, the rocks is getting so slippy. George fall on the rock three times, such painful tunnel… he take out his phone and try to turn on his flash light, but than he find out the signal don't work down here…

When they feel the presure in their ears it almost the end of the tunnel there is to much moisture inside that you can see the water drops is dripping on the rock from the side. When they arrive there is a huge black metal gate that tall approach two meters! It was such huge peace of art, Tracy touch the gate pattern and feel the stroke on it, she regonse it sea lavenders. Esberstark pull out his huge key to put in the key hole and open it, Tracy get in first, George is the last one. “What! This is disappointing… I though in here will be more master and more graceful. But… It just papers… And boxes…” George stop talking when he feels Esberstark is staring at him. He is right! Nothing special at here, just a huge cave with lot of papers and files and so on…

“Why you being is here?” Tracy ask when she look around this place and pick up a paper to look at she see her names are on it. “She is asking why you bring us here?” George help her to ask him, but actually he want to ask more than Tracy dose. “It save at here to talk about… Make me believe what you said up there!” Esberstark still don't fully trust George. Geroge have no idea how then he feel his poket got something, he grab it it Tracy sheet music! It was just return back from Ryan. He pass it to Esberstark, once he touch it and he reginise it and memory of this “this is Tracy, TRACY!!” Esberstark look up and see Tracy stand there. “You can see me?!?” Tracy is thrill. “Yes!” Esberstark run to her and hug her that he did the same hug as 20 years ago… He still love him the se way as twenty years ago. “Ah… Have you forgotten me?” George interrupted such good mode of it. “Who is he?” Esberstark ask Tracy. “Ah… He is a guitar player at a bang and try to recrue me. Than… It a long story.” Tracy got irritated once she talk about George. They hold on to each other more for awhile “why you never came back Tom?” Tracy ask Esberstark what happened back then. “I can fully explained that.”

“At the time when I was called out, the death if yours already start. When I arrive the labtory, there was no one, just some… Lab stuff that I don't understand. Then I turn back try as fast as possible to come back to you Tracy, I did try hard. But than Lyon Racer show up, he said “well well! Look what we got here? It Tracy lover baby Tom!” I try to run pass him but he swing his baseball bat to swing at my right leg. I fell on the floor, I tried to get up but he hit me at the back again. I'm sorry Tracy I couldn't get there in time. They drag me to the hall and force me into the storage room torture me in there try to get where you are. They even… Even… I couldn't stand it anymore, so I gave it up, I though I can get there in time. But they knock me out. When I wake up the party beggin, it was their music that wake me up. I run outside the door was locked I scream for help. Finally there is few not yet drunk kid help me unlock the door. I ran to your room right away, my leg was in very bad shape. I ran at fast as I could. When I arrive there is fire coming out from your room, firefighters sucre the area and block me going in. I tell them you are inside, few of them go in and found you, when they come out… You already burn to death. I couldn't stand the pain and my legs pain at the same time. I faint. When I wake up at hospital it already two days after. I tell everything I know, so they investigate those assholes. They didn't live for long for somereason. Lyon lead the way, he died when the investagtion. The cops were asking him question, he panic when he heard you were dead. He knew it was bad for him. So he was going to tell the whole thing, but he died right away when he talks. It was poision but no trace. After his death, others freak out and went to hide, Michael dead after four months from smoking meth. Later on Kerry couldn't take the pressure so he committed suicide. After that the others disappear. No one finds them no baby no trace. So there is no hope of finding your killer. After graduation I becan a detective, but not for long. I was caught to steeling your files, they suspended me but never found the files, they don't care anyway. They are what you are staring right now boy!” Esberstark looking at George walking aroung like a five years old kid went to the Museum. “So I become a cleaner at your school, to hope I can keep investigate what happened, that how I build the green house” Esberstark end his story and looking at Tracy. Tracy take the turn to tell her story to him and they beggin to match up what happened on that day to be exact.

To be continue ...

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Bright star part two

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 "What do you mean by you are deceased?" George is still so confusing about what Tracy said. He keep trying to put the pieces together. "You all not suppose to see me, I've tried for years, no one sees me, even before I'm died! " Tracy can not hold on to herself, she has been depressing for almost 20 years. "Alright. Slow down! I can see you are upset, I think you really gonna need my help. Let go somewhere private" George knows she need some where more isolate so he could listen to her better. "Guys! Keep on what you are doing. I'll be back, Ryan help me out!" George grab her hand softly so he won't hurt her, Tracy follow his step did not knowing where he is going, bit she felt safe when she walk with him. 
They have arrive to a place at the roof top. Tracy is not familiar around here, but this place is so pretty, there is a glass green house such greatness design up here, there are mostly Tracy favourite
 flowers sea lavender and all kind of Tracy loved one. They go inside to the green house, the windy sound is gone, the sun shine is different "what is this place? Where is everyone?" Tracy ask George when she take a look around inside of this green house and touch the flowers. There is yellow, pink purple, all different kind of growing ways. "Not much people come up here, only the workers who take care of this flowers comes here." George seems so clam in this place.

 "You can say it here now. "Alright. You have to go back like 20 years, my name is Tracy Kesinger, born at 6th of September 1972, I died at 25th of January 1996. That day was the date of graduation party, I was going to be singer on stage, meant to be the new star. I was so nerves, that why my boyfriend Tom Esberstark help me to practice, he didn't really know how to play music, but he is a such great listener. I was singing to him, then someone knock on the door and ask him to come out, he said he'll be back soon, but he never did. Later I heard he was in the party already." Tracy eyes start wobbling tears, George try to focuse on what she is saying but he just couldn't get his eyes out of her stunning eyes she got there. She use her Sleeves swap of the tears on her eyelashes, she take a deep breath and keep on to her tragedy. 

"There was I.  Forgotten. Alone. Cold. Waiting for whom that never will come back. It was so quiet, everything seems not alive anymore, I seat at the floor behind the door. The tree shadow shown on the floor at the music room, it looks there there is a monster with claws trying to grab my legs, that scares me so much so I scrum together more and I stop look at the shadow I looked at the moon, it was so bright! Such huge and full of hope, so I make a wish to the moon beg Esberstark  will come back When I open my eyes I saw something at the window reflection, I've got one second to focuse on that reflection, I can roughly see it a reflection of a face looking at me. I startled and turn my head right away but there is no one. I start to feel something is wrong so I grab my sheet music and my lyrics plan on stop waiting and go to my show on my own. Then the haters came," "Who?" George interrupts her speaking. "The haters!" Tracy got irritated. "So... Do they bully you or something?" George wanna understand more. "Not really, but they try their best to make me a hard time and keep forcing Esberstark stop dating with me. But Esberstark didn't give up, I guess he just love me but can't held till the end. I guess he got bored of me... That why he left." Tracy starting to think to much in her head. "Hey hey! But make yourself like this, keep on! What next?" George try to get her spirit back up. "I walked to the door then I heard Lyon Racer calling so creapy" Tracy?... Where are you? Aren't you going to be the STAR! That sing on the stage?! Well you know, I've bump in to Esberstark in the party all alone. So... I wonder. Where is his girlfriend? So of course I went to ask him, then he said you HERE! IN THIS ROOM!" Oh my god! Then he bang on the door so hard that make such loud banging, I...I star... Startle and fell on the floor." It is so painful for Tracy to bring this back up. "Do you need a break?"  George ask very soft hope that can help Tracy calm down. "No, I want to tell. So he keep on going. "Why don't you come out now and have some FUN with us?" "No! I'm not coming out for you, go away!" I tried to fight them away. "Alright then! You choice! You never be out again." After Lyon said that I can hear he is putting a key inside of that key hole slowly on purpose so I can hear it. I ran to the door try to stop this happing. Then he twis his key so fast so it locked before I tried to twis the handle. The locking sound of that room is still feels like it surounding me right now. I... I kept trying to twis the handle but it stiff locked... I couldn't ... . Tracy is breathing to fast and consuming by the fear of her memory. George quickly grab a flower and plug it to let Tracy smell it aroma, he pick the right choice. It her favorite flower, it sea lavender. She clam herself down and keep speaking. "They keep laughing at me outside the door, and say I did this to myself, I'm the one who said I'm not coming out. I kept screaming for help and I beg them to... But they never did. They just kept laughing. "How many people were there? What their names?" George asking for more information. "There are five people, Lyon Racer, Gary Wolf, Michael Dance, Ka Hell, ken Traylon." Tracy answer his question very patiently. She have know idea why she keep telling him this, but she felt great by doing this. She is guessing because this has been depressing for very long time. "So what happens next?" "They kept laughing and show me the music room key at the door window "I really need to say thanks for you beloved friend who own this things, I guess he don't need this anymore" I can see Finch names was on the key tag, then I'm so afraid of what did they do to Finch." "Hold on, who is Finch?" George have no clue who is he. "He is a staff that clean our school, he is a old poor man. When you say hello to him the time you get in your classroom is the time he can finally done turning his head to look back. Funny right? So I'm pretty sure it easy to take those key from him. Then I watch them walked away and laugh at me. I kept screwing for help, I saw my watch it 7:36pm party start already. I should have been readying for on stage, why no one notice and look for me? Where was Esberstark? I kept waiting but he never came. I stared to get tired and slide on the door and seat on the floor. Looking at the window, THERE! The reflection on the window show that face again! The face I saw before Lyon come. I turn my head right away and there is no one again. I did not care I scream for hep, but there was no one. After around 5 minutes, there are some gases come in from the air way, I've no idea what going on. I stop trying to call for help cause I know there will be no one. The gases smells horrible when I breath in it burn my throat and I kept caughting. Soon I couldn't breath in and out, I knew there is the end, I grab on to the last things I can hold and that the sheet music you stole from me. And I Iie down there, buring in my chest, full mouth of my own blood... Here I am! Trap! No in or out in this school!" Tracy finish her tragedy. "Wow! Such sad story... But not really persuasive. It hard to believe this could happens to you. But I just google search... It says in this school twenty years ago was a small fire only, never mention there is a body or gas leak?" George show her the searching result. "I don't know there is an fire..."Tracy are very confuse. 
"WHAT ON EARTH are you doing here all alone in my green house?!?" There is a men around 40-50 years old come in to the green house. "I... I'm not alone." George answer. "You think I'm a fool?!? There is only you, and GOD BLESS! What on earth have you done to my sea lavender?!?" That men looking at the sea lavender George pick for Tracy on the floor. "Why he can't see he?" Tracy whisper behind George. "I don't know." George is so scared right now and froze there. "Waite... Tom? Esberstark?!? Is that you?!?"

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Bright star 

    There is an Awsome guy name George, he is very good at his instrument, especially his guitar, he start play it since 3 years old, not force to, he was born to be with misic, and he just love the freedom of floating in music.
  Tracy walking around the collage looking for her room and put down her belongings. “Ouch!”
Tracy,stop talking when he look up and saw that pairs of sapphire blue eyes infrount of her “I .. A..yeh , ah it okay ,I can take that bump” George say it very sloppy cause he is also stuns by the hazel green eyes she have there “do you need a hand for your stuff ?”Geoge ask very nicely. “I think I can take it myself, thank you” Tracy walked away left to find her room.

  After the settlement and a night if rest ,it open day !!! She follow all others and go to the hugest Hall she ever been in her life and sit down with others ,the show beggin , there was a bang presenting at the stage ,the show were Awsome, Tracy felt in love with the music going on stage, she never knew the a group of student would capable of playing music such great than she reginise the guitar guy, it was the guy she bump in yesterday, she imidintly feel so embarrassing about it, but than the girls team show up, their dance steps are amazing and there she is! The perfect girl that stands out at the middle. Tracy just feel so great that she do not want to leave this place for first time in her life.

  She stays until everyone is gone, the instrument were left on stage, she slowly walk on stage and look around, she look and she can feel it, she can feel the power of music still reacting to each other, she can smell the the sweat the nervous the rusty guitar and the wood instrument on stage, she look at the audience the light shine on her directly so she could not see under the stage but she can still feel the eyes looking at her (she is imaging ) she turn back and walk forward to the instrument, and though the piano, the moment she put her hand on the piano pad she feel a struck to her hand she was shock and let go of it, she walk few steps back and accidentally kick a guitar, lucky she act fast and grap it in time so it would not fall, she hold on the guitar, it a classical guitar with heavy wood for the body, she put her fingers on the strings and swing over it, she feel so great so she keep swinging it randomly than she start singing with her wonderful voice “Say something I'm giving …” “You should ask before you touch others stuff” Suddenly come from nowhere a voice speak to Tracy, she startle and try to look for the voice, but then she reginise the voice !it the guitar player! “I know you, you are the one who play this guitar” Tracy speak to the voice direction ,”indeed ,not yet introduce, I'm Geoge, where you from, I never saw you before ”said Geoge with courious. “I'm Tracy, I'm sorry I shouldn't been here, I'll be gone” said Tracy with frighten voice she walked away and go back to her room. “You scared her off, mate, you should use better tone to girls not just your music” said Ryan in a great mode, walk in after Tracy run away “Maybe you should treat girls harder like you treat the drums!” Geoge jokes “I'm not gonna beat them like drums, I'm a gentlemen ,gentle men ,I treat them softly, hungry?” Ryan laugh at Geoge“come on, stop it. Let get something to eat, you are buying for making fun of me” Geoge put his hand on his BestFreind shoulder and walk with him “I was just joking, but you really need to change your tone. ”Ryan said it with smile. 


 The next morning cause her last night she just change her cloths and just put on her sleeping coat and went to sleep,Tracy just woke up with foggy eyes, she get up and take her morning stuff and ready to get to wash room to clean up ,she open her room door and BAM! Someone stand at her door when she walked out she bump on him and bouns back “Ouch Jesus who... ?”Tracy look up and see Geoge standing there look like tried to knock on her door, he look at her and see her undress well so he immediately turn his head away , “You? How did you know I'm here?” Tracy ask counfusely. “I ..I was trying to look for you!”Geoge panicked and put both of his hands up. “What do you want?” Tracy ask with a gate between them. “Can you come by to the hall ?”Geoge ask. “What for ?” Tracy asked. “You will know!” Geoge said it and walk away. Tracy left their with confusing and think for a whole day and decide to give a shot. 


Tracy walk in to the hall with fear, she stand middle of the hall and turn 360’ spread her arms to feel the atmosphere in there, the moment when she start to fall in it“ HEY ! I see you come !”said Geoge by shouting. Tracy freak out down down her arms and put it around her chest, “ ah ..yes I came, what do you want now ?” Tracy asked. “Sing! Go! Stage! Go on!” Said Geoge. Tracy didn't even bother to aske him again and walk in stage, looking at the only audience stare at her with out blinking or any emotion, “Go on! Sing !” 

She behing with cracking voice cause she is so scared cause Geoge staring at her “Hey hey hey ! What wrong with you ?that not what I hear last time” Geoge shout to her. “I can not sing when you stare at me like I punch your face before!” Tracy shout back to him. Geoge turn around “can you sing now?!” Tracy start relief right after Geoge turn around, she start singing right away, it was beauty in heaven. After her singing Geoge forgot his staring and just fall in her voice , he need a minutes to realise she stopes singing “oh ah … You have a great voice! Really you do , but ah… You need to train more in order to make your lungs stronger and follow up the beat, you know what I mean?” Geoge said it when he is still dreaming in her voice “come around when you have time, I'll help you,okay?” Geoge said to her and walk away left Tracy stand there alone do not know what to do and pissed by not knowing   But secretly she is sooo glad that he said he love her voice.


“Did you see her ?” Geoge ask Ryan at the next day at practice room. “Who?”asked Ryan. “ you remember the girl I talked to after the open day ?” Geoge trying to make him remeber. “I did not really saw her, I was assuming you talking to a girl cause I know you” said Ryan. “ you wanna say what going on ?” Ask Ryan with suspension eyes trying to get information from Geoge. “ nothing I just though she would come.” “Oh…! Poor Geoge is in love !!!” Said Ryan with sneaky smile on his  face. “Shut up !” 

At night Geoge went to Tracy room and try to knock on her door. Knock…knock… “Who is it ?”said the girl in the room , Geoge reginise not Tracy voice, that girl open her door “What ?” “Um … I'm looking for Tracy.” Asked Geoge. “Who ?” “ Tracy! I guess she is your roommate or something ,I saw her yesterday at here!” “No… Never heard of her, I think you got the wrong room.” “ but she was right…” Geoge stop talking cause he saw at the end of the hallway Tracy standing there looking at him , he identified her and start walking to her, Tracy turn around and start run away, Geoge saw that and run along try to call out her name. He keep running but then she vanish! He lost her and he could not find her, he have to give up and walk away. 
  He turn around ready to walk away than “Holy …! What?! Where ?! You scared the crab out of me!” Geoge startle cause Tracy was just standing at his back looking at him. “Why you here ?” Tracy said. “How did you do that ? You ghost or something?” Geoge still a bit shock after she show up. Tracy face motion change and said “even I tell you you would not understand…” She whisper. “Why you are in that room yesterday? That girl said she never heard of you, who are you?” Geoge finally comeback together and ask “She was parting whole night, I borrowed her room, she do not know a thing cause she was drunk and sleeping at the others boys arm.” Tracy said it very clearly so it easy for Geoge to understand. “Why? You do not have your own room?” “Yes I do. Just do not like it.” “Why you did not come to our practice ?” Geoge ask to try to find out why. “Why I have to come?” Tracy ask him back. “Cause I like your singing ,and i think I can make you a star!” Geoge said it fill with excitement. “No ,I do not want to, people do not see me.” “They wil when you become a star!” Geoge walk forward and grab her shoulders. “What makes you think that?” She started to feel annoy about all this. “Cause I just knows, please!” Tracy did not answer and use her hand slide over to smack away Geoge hands on her shoulder then just walk right pass him. When Geoge turn around she was already gone.


  Geoge could not get her out of his head, he keep think about her and her singing still stay in his head, but he has no idea how to find her, when he start to get to frustrating, some one walk in to the classroom, he looked back and saw her, there she is! Tracy! Right there. He keeps hoping tine can go faster.

The end of the class, he ran to her and try to follow her so he could talk to her, “Tracy please! I want you, I need a singer!”Geoge keep trying to follow up, but it was so crowed in the hallway, he could not see her then she is gone when everyone back into the classroom.


Geoge decide to leave her alone so maybe she will come around, he go back to the leeson he should be, “stop stalking me!” Geoge freak out and turn back , Tracy were sitting there stare at him and crossing her hands front of her chest, “What… How… When did you? Can you please be my singer ?” Geoge asked by a supprising tone, since he is so desperate Tracy finally said yes to him.

   “Why you want me to be your singer?” Tracy ask Geoge when he is preparing for thier first practice. “Cause when I hear your voice, I know. I know you will be the one who sing by me and be my star!” Geoge say it with out thinking and determine. “I've been here for years there no way people could see me!” Tracy slip out. “What do you mean ? You are here for years? No one can see you? If you were studying here I would have saw you. You must be new student, right?”Geoge feel like a breezing run though his back. “You going continue or not? I still do not know why you can see me after all.” Tracy is getting cross. Geoge try to open his mouth and ask again “Don't ! Even think about it!” Tracy scroll at him try to make him stop talking. “Fine...but”Geoge is stubben. “Just STOP! Will you ?” Tracy got irritate by Geoge foolish. “Okay… Let get on with it. No one talk to me like that way.You know? ” “Well… I'm no one”Tracy said it with pride. “You really trying you best to mess with my head, are you? No one … I really don't understand.”“ I hope you never understand.”Drop of tear flash of light reflect at her eye coner for a second. Geoge though he see it but he do not know what he just saw, he shake his head go back on his business. 
  He start play on his guitar and ask Tracy to join in anytime she feel like it, Geoge play on and keep the music gentle nice and smooth on his way. Tracy starts to calm and relax, staring to enjoy the atmossphere. She begin her way to sing and it was beautiful. Geoge even almost stop playing, but than he realise this is just making him play on more music and inspiration, than he knew this girl is going to be her bright star.
  Days past on, Tracy singing skill is getting more skilled, Geoge decide to introduce her to his mate and The Queen. “Hey, do you think is time for you to meet our team?” Geoge ask her very soft. “What?! Why shall I?!” Tracy just make the air very incense. “Well...I thought” Geoge feel agonise about this. “Stop thought ing! Stop thinking your own way! How many times I've to tell you people can not see me?!?” Tracy do not have her temper contral anymore, “You did said that, but you never explain why, each time I ask you just shut silence or turn around, be clear now. And I never think for my own! I'm helping you” Geoge is coming out from his skin, he is getting very piss now, “Help me… Help ME ?! Is that what you think for the whole time? I do not need help, you are the one who need help, you are the one who beg me to help you, I do not need any babysitter, even I tell you you would not understand a thing I'm telling you!” Tracy ran away, she forgot her lyrics book behind cause she was to angry to remember, it was her own writing lyrics book never shown to anyone. Geoge comedown for a moment and walk to her stuff and pick it up, it was a simple old sheet music, very old oddly old, Geoge try to call out for Tracy, but she was gone already. Geoge though it was nothing than commit oneself to keep for her just for now. 

 The next day Tracy approach secretly at the rehears of the Christmas show. She stand behind the hall gate watch from there, she hear the music start turn on than there he is, Geoge playing the guitar, testing the music. 

Then she saw there is a girl she can not put away her eyes, Tracy do not know her name, but she is surround by other pretty girls, but this Queen is most stand out one, others were only just stand behind her, they start on rehearsing the dance, Queen was very beautiful, Tracy can not get away from looking at her, “Hey! Who are you? What are you looking at?!” A voice come from Tracy back, Tracy was shocked and didn't expect this would happens. “I…I was looking for Geoge.” He did not care and just grab her jacket hat and drag her into the hall and ask “Hey! Geoge! She said she knows you,”He wave his hand so he could jiggle her around, “Yeah! She is my star! Stop doing that Ryan, I thought you treat girls very nice?” Geoge said “Oh! Sorry about that! Did not know you know her, I thought Feakin Team was try to send a spy to copy out songs again.” Ryan felt making a monkey out of himself. “Come on Tracy! Did not know you were coming come meet out team!” Geoge is so happy that he can finally have Tracy in his team, “Let me introduce! I'm the team leader! The guitar guy and the main singer, the one who drag you in is Ryan! Play drums and my BestFriend!” Tracy take a good time to look at Ryan, he seems like a nice guy. Not to bad on looking, has a memorable ginger hair, guessing he is from England according from his accent and his hair, his dressing style is very random can not tell he is a drummer, looks like he is just a kid who play on street putting something comfortable on himself, he would not look straight in to Tracy eyes cause he still feeling sorry about what just happens and just wave his hand and say hi, “And he is my base guitar guy Crew, he is very good at his guitar but not good at talking and do not need to mention about his singing,” Tracy look at him and nothing caught her eyes but his hands is full of bandage so she knows that he is very new to guitar, but he did not talk so she could not  guess where he came from. “Move on the my Miss Piano Sherry, she ah… Can play piano?” Sherry say hi to Tracy and Tracy said back hi to her, nothing pops up from her just a cool girl who dress so cool and play piano gracefully, “next is our main dancer team, basically is our team life support. Ifwe doing this without them, our team would lose so much vote for the out school compotition, girls introduce yourself!”said Geoge with excitement. “ I'm Mka, it means the queen, here are my girls.” Tracy couldn't look away from her, now she understand the meaning of The queen. She have the perfect curly blond hair, perfect skin tone that can match any cloths, and the way she dress it precise, nothing can do more, Tracy is envy at her. “Hello new star, I'm Hellen the girl who dance just next to Mka, nice to meet you hope we can dance together, you have a nice body shape.” Tracy notice this girl did not have any make up on her she looks very natural, but Tracy saw inside her highhills is hiding so many tape on her ankle, Tracy knows she is having a hard time to follow up with Mka. “ hi I'm Snowy, dump my real name long time ago, nice to meet you.” Snowy is dramatic opposite of Hellen, silver hair, heavy makeup and lot of asseserise on her hair band, neck less, rings, bracelet… She is very comfortable dance with highhills, all famous brand on her. “Me, me next! I'm Julian! Dance at the back! But I'm mostly the one who plan our steps.” Not hard for Tracy to tell she is very self narcissism, messy curl hair and too much perfume. “ I'm Vichy, dance at the middle and the one who find our dance music pattern, so on … Walen … Pinkie … Grinch. 

  “Okay … Done with our ‘nice to meet you’ thing” go back in what you were doing!” Tracy walk to Geoge and wanna to talk to him at private.
“How is this happing?” Tracy ask Geoge. “What you mean? Cause you were sneaking up at us?” Geoge keep teasing her. “Why? You asking me why? Why you still do not get it?!? You all are not suppose to see me! I'm deceased!” Tracy can't stand Geoge stupidity. 

Part one ends.