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Bright star part two

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 "What do you mean by you are deceased?" George is still so confusing about what Tracy said. He keep trying to put the pieces together. "You all not suppose to see me, I've tried for years, no one sees me, even before I'm died! " Tracy can not hold on to herself, she has been depressing for almost 20 years. "Alright. Slow down! I can see you are upset, I think you really gonna need my help. Let go somewhere private" George knows she need some where more isolate so he could listen to her better. "Guys! Keep on what you are doing. I'll be back, Ryan help me out!" George grab her hand softly so he won't hurt her, Tracy follow his step did not knowing where he is going, bit she felt safe when she walk with him. 
They have arrive to a place at the roof top. Tracy is not familiar around here, but this place is so pretty, there is a glass green house such greatness design up here, there are mostly Tracy favourite
 flowers sea lavender and all kind of Tracy loved one. They go inside to the green house, the windy sound is gone, the sun shine is different "what is this place? Where is everyone?" Tracy ask George when she take a look around inside of this green house and touch the flowers. There is yellow, pink purple, all different kind of growing ways. "Not much people come up here, only the workers who take care of this flowers comes here." George seems so clam in this place.

 "You can say it here now. "Alright. You have to go back like 20 years, my name is Tracy Kesinger, born at 6th of September 1972, I died at 25th of January 1996. That day was the date of graduation party, I was going to be singer on stage, meant to be the new star. I was so nerves, that why my boyfriend Tom Esberstark help me to practice, he didn't really know how to play music, but he is a such great listener. I was singing to him, then someone knock on the door and ask him to come out, he said he'll be back soon, but he never did. Later I heard he was in the party already." Tracy eyes start wobbling tears, George try to focuse on what she is saying but he just couldn't get his eyes out of her stunning eyes she got there. She use her Sleeves swap of the tears on her eyelashes, she take a deep breath and keep on to her tragedy. 

"There was I.  Forgotten. Alone. Cold. Waiting for whom that never will come back. It was so quiet, everything seems not alive anymore, I seat at the floor behind the door. The tree shadow shown on the floor at the music room, it looks there there is a monster with claws trying to grab my legs, that scares me so much so I scrum together more and I stop look at the shadow I looked at the moon, it was so bright! Such huge and full of hope, so I make a wish to the moon beg Esberstark  will come back When I open my eyes I saw something at the window reflection, I've got one second to focuse on that reflection, I can roughly see it a reflection of a face looking at me. I startled and turn my head right away but there is no one. I start to feel something is wrong so I grab my sheet music and my lyrics plan on stop waiting and go to my show on my own. Then the haters came," "Who?" George interrupts her speaking. "The haters!" Tracy got irritated. "So... Do they bully you or something?" George wanna understand more. "Not really, but they try their best to make me a hard time and keep forcing Esberstark stop dating with me. But Esberstark didn't give up, I guess he just love me but can't held till the end. I guess he got bored of me... That why he left." Tracy starting to think to much in her head. "Hey hey! But make yourself like this, keep on! What next?" George try to get her spirit back up. "I walked to the door then I heard Lyon Racer calling so creapy" Tracy?... Where are you? Aren't you going to be the STAR! That sing on the stage?! Well you know, I've bump in to Esberstark in the party all alone. So... I wonder. Where is his girlfriend? So of course I went to ask him, then he said you HERE! IN THIS ROOM!" Oh my god! Then he bang on the door so hard that make such loud banging, I...I star... Startle and fell on the floor." It is so painful for Tracy to bring this back up. "Do you need a break?"  George ask very soft hope that can help Tracy calm down. "No, I want to tell. So he keep on going. "Why don't you come out now and have some FUN with us?" "No! I'm not coming out for you, go away!" I tried to fight them away. "Alright then! You choice! You never be out again." After Lyon said that I can hear he is putting a key inside of that key hole slowly on purpose so I can hear it. I ran to the door try to stop this happing. Then he twis his key so fast so it locked before I tried to twis the handle. The locking sound of that room is still feels like it surounding me right now. I... I kept trying to twis the handle but it stiff locked... I couldn't ... . Tracy is breathing to fast and consuming by the fear of her memory. George quickly grab a flower and plug it to let Tracy smell it aroma, he pick the right choice. It her favorite flower, it sea lavender. She clam herself down and keep speaking. "They keep laughing at me outside the door, and say I did this to myself, I'm the one who said I'm not coming out. I kept screaming for help and I beg them to... But they never did. They just kept laughing. "How many people were there? What their names?" George asking for more information. "There are five people, Lyon Racer, Gary Wolf, Michael Dance, Ka Hell, ken Traylon." Tracy answer his question very patiently. She have know idea why she keep telling him this, but she felt great by doing this. She is guessing because this has been depressing for very long time. "So what happens next?" "They kept laughing and show me the music room key at the door window "I really need to say thanks for you beloved friend who own this things, I guess he don't need this anymore" I can see Finch names was on the key tag, then I'm so afraid of what did they do to Finch." "Hold on, who is Finch?" George have no clue who is he. "He is a staff that clean our school, he is a old poor man. When you say hello to him the time you get in your classroom is the time he can finally done turning his head to look back. Funny right? So I'm pretty sure it easy to take those key from him. Then I watch them walked away and laugh at me. I kept screwing for help, I saw my watch it 7:36pm party start already. I should have been readying for on stage, why no one notice and look for me? Where was Esberstark? I kept waiting but he never came. I stared to get tired and slide on the door and seat on the floor. Looking at the window, THERE! The reflection on the window show that face again! The face I saw before Lyon come. I turn my head right away and there is no one again. I did not care I scream for hep, but there was no one. After around 5 minutes, there are some gases come in from the air way, I've no idea what going on. I stop trying to call for help cause I know there will be no one. The gases smells horrible when I breath in it burn my throat and I kept caughting. Soon I couldn't breath in and out, I knew there is the end, I grab on to the last things I can hold and that the sheet music you stole from me. And I Iie down there, buring in my chest, full mouth of my own blood... Here I am! Trap! No in or out in this school!" Tracy finish her tragedy. "Wow! Such sad story... But not really persuasive. It hard to believe this could happens to you. But I just google search... It says in this school twenty years ago was a small fire only, never mention there is a body or gas leak?" George show her the searching result. "I don't know there is an fire..."Tracy are very confuse. 
"WHAT ON EARTH are you doing here all alone in my green house?!?" There is a men around 40-50 years old come in to the green house. "I... I'm not alone." George answer. "You think I'm a fool?!? There is only you, and GOD BLESS! What on earth have you done to my sea lavender?!?" That men looking at the sea lavender George pick for Tracy on the floor. "Why he can't see he?" Tracy whisper behind George. "I don't know." George is so scared right now and froze there. "Waite... Tom? Esberstark?!? Is that you?!?"

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