Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Bright Star Chapter 14

Sorry. It been a year. And now all my exams is finished.  Finally get back to my hobbits. Hope you all still interest in my story. And here is continue. Thank you for supporting.


“Hey man! Miss you so much! Are you ready for the show?” Ryan huge his best friend and ask. George nodded to say yes. “Mka is coming at your back!” Ryan whisper to George.

“George! Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be in hospital?” Mka ask George when trying to lead closer to him.George slightly walk a step away to avoid her. Mka embarrassed and ask again. “ why didn’t you tell me you were leaving to hospital so I could come get you?” George ignore her and walk away to gather up his team and start schedule the show.

George grab a huge paper and write:

We will be leading start for the show for first 10 to 15 minutes, depend how good we are, then the next 20 minutes to half hour will be for the freakin team, that will be our important timing, if he got his audiences then our show will be worthless, so when it's our turn again, I want everyone to work our ass up on full power for half an hour, the last 10 to 15 minutes is the freakin team to end up, So i want us Bam at the start and rest well then full power on the half hour show okay?
Everyone cheer and agree on this.
Then he write: make sure you set up everthing good this time Ryan i don’t want to see the piano is gone this time.
“It not my fault on that, how could and one steal a electronic piano in such size? Why not a guitar!” Ryan complained.

George smiles and turn his head, looking around for Silver. He found her. Shining at the corner like she always do. Everyone is gathering at the side of the stage.  Listening to Mka whining about everything.  Silver catch George's eyes and blush. George way his hand and signal her to go on back stage. She look at Mka, she wasn't paying attention to her like she always have. So silver wall to the back stage.

The moment they met, George give silver a big hug. But Silver was not in a mood. She start ask questions.  “what if Mka find out about us?” “I'm scared” “ I feel like I'm betraying her”. But George just brush her hair between his finger and look into her eyes.

She look up and want to ask questions again. George bring up one finger and put on her lips. She start blushing. And her eyes become watery. George bring down his finger to her chin. Gently lift her head up and kiss her. Her heart melted, her mind flew away. Their lips lock. George gently kissing her. Soft, yet desired.

“all setup!” shout Ryan. At the back of George. “oh… didn't realise… Damn, George. I got to say You not just having fine taste at music. Women too!”

“shush! No one knows!” George panic.
“I should go… before they find out I'm gone” Silver got startled by all this and walk away. “jes… Ryan.” George frustrating. “when?” Ryan smirk and interrogate. “when hospital…” George blush. “so now you speak! Why no one should know? I bet Mka is gonna be mad about this.” Ryan love chaos. “Is Silver wishes. And I'll respect that.” George said. “did you do it?” Ryan is all buzzing. “yes…” George hesitate.  “Awwwwwwwww! We got a big boy here. Finally!” Ryan explode. “low down your voice!” George cover Ryan mouth with his hand. Ryan push George away and smirk. “come on. We have a show to go” George said.