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Days of Reality- Four Season

The four season  
( A sad story of Ariel ,Edson)

The story starts under the eyes of snow, the combination between cold wind and water 
The mix between refreshing and purity, it all happens in the start of the year: spring 

It all happen in a normal school where a boy name Edson were is very popular among the bullies and a girl named Ariel who was a shy pretty gorgeous nice girl  

Ariel was often bullied just because of her shyness  and others girls envy her beauty,body shape and her kindness and often take revenge on her by telling their group of bullies to bullying her. And that's  when Edson met Ariel 

Edson was one of most popular among the group of bullies because of his cruel personality but deep in his heart he is a very kind hearted person where he help everyone who's in need . He will try his best to help other but all he get is negative ,things never worked out on him 

Edson joined with the group of bullies because he was trying to be cooler to find his love one but what he doesn't know is that  he makes people around him disgust him and isolated him but he doesn't know is  that  the answer was always by his side just that he treats her badly and keep on injecting pain to her , but she always see the good within him and that's why she alway forgive him and what keep reminding her that he needs her help ,he know something is wrong but just don't know where 

The seasons begin by now !

Ariel often hides on the rooftop of the school just to avoid the bullies from trembling her lunch , but this time was different , she hear someone was sniffing , she follow the noise ,it was Edson ! She was flabbergasted she ask , "why are you here Edson ?"with a curious and cute voice like always , Edson shouted " I've been watching you ! Don't think you can hide from me !!!"He shouted as his voice cracked and a tear roll down his face  . " who do you think I am that you could lose sight of m?” Ariel was about to walk away ,but her consciousness  is telling her stay to help cause deep in her heart  she wanted  to help him because she feel like he is worth it , but while she decided  to turn around he whispered just loud enough that she could hear ' why ? How did you do it ? Why don't you cry ? Why you are so positive ? those eyes of yours are always filled with hope within it. "That's all I have in me nothing but anger and hatred ! Why do you have such characteristics so precious that I am dying for ?!?"ariel answer without a doubt , "cause I know ! I know you're not being yourself , I can help ! I know you can do more than the Edson you are right now.   I know the Edson you are right now can be a better Edson "She speak softly with sorrow . "how do you know ,!?? No One ! No One ! Ever look at me like you did !" Edson shouted. He was very moody to even digest what Ariel was trying to say, "I can help ! You just have to let me ! " 
Ariel said with a mild voice  . ' NO! Go away ! No one need a freak
 to help !" As He push her down , she fall on the floor and her glass of milk broken and hurt herself as she fell to the floor , her hand instantly start bleeding so fast that the blood spilt out in no time no matter how hard she press against the wound ,  Edson was shock for what he had done and ran away as fast as he could , after the accident he went home and he couldn't get Ariel out of his mind .He couldn't sleep neither could he eat every time when he tried to closes his eyes and go to sleep the pairs of purple eyes of Ariel that when she look up to Edson when her hand is bleeding out the her eyes were still full of hope when she is helpless , at that night he never forgot the the disappointed in those purple eyes of Ariel as she stare into him asking for help, now his head is  clear and start run though what she was talking about ...

It's been a week since she came back to school , the doctor  said that her right hand may never be able to  move again .Arial  was once a great painter but now she might never be one again , she never cry about it ,neither did she felt the need to  , never did she  
regret trying to speak to Edson on the roof that day .

After class, Ariel walks  to her locker that is located at the end of the corridor ,she was shocked by what she see in front of her  ,the locker she treasured was destroyed and her precious  painting tools are shattered on floor, she noticed jack is standing at the side with  bunch of bullies who were laughing at her and say " you won't need this anymore ,thanks for Edson ! your hand is useless now! You should be grateful that I am doing a favor for you 'said jack with a psycho cocky mode ,suddenly they stopped and seem shocked for what they see was out of their expectation ! Edson was kneeling on the floor ,picking up the shatter pieces as they fall from the locker , Ariel started to cry not because she is sad about the shatter pieces of her precious tool is that Edson is helping her, the one who was always trying his best to make her life miserable has changed ! The bullies were mad and shouted furiously " what on earth is that about ? We were such a good team together ! " jack push his shoulder and ask , Edson can't be bother to even explain to them , he said 'Let me tell you what JackAss, there is no we anymore there is only  me and you ' " what's that u just said ?! You want to quit ? 
For what ?  for that bitch in front of you ? " screamed Jack " punk tell you what, she have a name and it's Ariel"said Edson with a furious voice " You have changed, a lot, what happen to you ? What did that witch gave you ?! " jack shouted as tears wobbling in his eyes . " we are done you get it ? " said Edson and Jack ran away filled with shame and betrayal and shouted " you will pay for this ! Mark my words !"

Edson continue picking up the tools on the floor after the bullies walked away , the haters standing next to the scene start spitting out nonsense "what did you do you dirty slut ? You flirt with him didn't you  , what you have done to make him this loyal ? ...."Edson picks up the leftovers that the bullies created ,then he walked up to Ariel   and hand it over to her , she tried to grab hold of  it with her right hand , but her hand were just too weak to hold on , her hand was just too  shaking , but then Edson grab hold of her hand and put it into her pale hands , she look up to his eyes , and first time in Edson life , he smile , but a horrible one , he still have lot more to learn , but Ariel felt painful and responsible , she hold the tools she treasured since the day she brought them with both hands ,and throw it to the rubbish bin behinds her , Edson was shocked and asked" why?" , she finally cry in front of everyone and say ' like they said , I don't need this anymore ...' Then she ran away with tears...

Edson didn't just hang up ,he pick up the trash and bring it home , he fix everything as best as he could , he is a carpenter after all he fix the broken paintbrush , the paint box , and he even make new sketchpad for her , it was not a random design in it , he hidden something in it ... Something important to him .

The summer holiday is  around the Corner, Edson has done fixing the stuff and he is ready to give it to Ariel , but he waited on roof everyday trying to look for her but she never came , he couldn't find her anywhere , he start begging the god for forgiveness of all his sin and that he could see her again , but god never listen ...
The next day he go on rooftop as he always does, but not expecting much , when he stand outside the door and be hoped to see Ariel there  than he instantly hear crying and screaming voice , he immediately recognise it's  Ariel voice ,than he hear the bullier 
voice shouting at Ariel ' you think I don't know what you did to Edson ?!?  You think I don't know you hiding away ?!? I follow him everyday !!! Waiting for my revenge !!! You stole him for me and I'll make you pay !!!' Other guys drag her down on the floor and hold her hands so hard , her left hand start to bleed again , she try to call for help but she knows, she knows no one will hear her scream, jack tear her clothes off and try to rape her , ' you enjoyed having "fun" with Edson?Now it's my turn !' Jack shouted .edson hear it and try to open the door but then he found out it was lock he use all the force he has To open it, but it not working  than he slow himself down and think and look around he saw a Fire Extinguisher, he use it to break down the door handle and follow the voice and ran to them and shocked for what he is seeing is making him so piss , but then he felt so angry that he ran to jack and fight with all his might !! Trying to protect Ariel , but it's too late , jack has already raped Ariel , 'you come any closer than I'll make her bleed quicker !' Jack is holding a knife standing behind Ariel with a bruise eye Edson punch , and pointing the knife at her hand 'she already lost one hand , do you want her to lose another ?' 
Jack said so just to get him away from the trouble knowing that Edson will get him into , Edson have no idea what to do , Ariel had already bleed too much and started to faint ... Others bullies were trying to take turn raping  her , but Edson was mad , so mad that u can smell fear from the Bulliers , he can't hold himself anymore  he ran to jack , he was so freak out and stabbed Edson , Edson doesn't care, he punch jack as hard as he could jack faint not because his broken ribs and bleeding nose but because he is filled with fear , others ran away long before Edson lost control , Edson go back to Ariel and hold her tightly and try stopping the blood ,' you're hurt !' Ariel said  softly while she saw the wounds on his left stomach and bleeding hands because of the fight  , Edson keep calling her name , but she didn't respond  , she is losing her life bit by bit, she keep blacking in and out , the next thing she knows is she wake up at hospital ...

Beep!... Beep!.... Beep ... She wake up as the voice of ECG woke 
her up ,everything was so bright, the light mix with sunshine shone on her eyes , she tried to cover her eyes ,It was when she realize that  She couldn't feel her hand!she look down and she saw her left hand filled with bandage and her other hand is full of tube transporting  blood inside her , than she look down at her feet , caught her by surprise , right at the bottom of her bed there is brand new set of paint brush and next to it was a beautiful box which holds over 30 colours of acrylic paint, 1-6 straight brush and round brush, also the fan brush were there, those are the tools Edson were fixing for her , and made some new for her , at that split second she thought of Edson " I wonder where he is " she said to herself, wait ... What happen, how Long have I slept , then she remembered the image of jack raping her then she start to remember what happened till Edson saved her and got STAB ! Yes ! He got stab ! Where is he ?is he okay ?i need to see him right away!"than the doctor came in and check on her status , she ask the doctor about Edson , the doctor hadn't answered her question , he just said ' your left hand will be fine if you give it some time , but if next times you bleed again like this I won't able to help you, and about the incident I 
have sent your injury report to the police already hope you can charge that asshole , any future questions?'
"Where did this came from?" She pointed to her painting tools at her bottom of her bed. "the guy who came with you gave it to you , I think his name is ... Start with E ..."the doctor puzzle ..'"Can I see him now ?" Ariel ask with excitement . "yeah sure thing you can go see him he is just at the next room !"the doctor answered roughly and walked away 

Ariel tried to get off the bed ,but little did she know the nurse gave her some Morphine  before she woke up and look for Edson , at last she finally found him and she walked next to his bed and saw that  he was sleeping , than Ariel started speaking to him "what happen ? Why are you like this ?" Than the doctor came in and saw Ariel , Ariel ask him immediately" what happened to him.?"ask Ariel anxiously the voice of her is filled with worriedness .The doctor tell her "he is fine ,but just need to rest for a bit  since he lost too much blood and he was carrying you to hospital. Normal people will 
already faint but somehow he managed to made it through consider it a miracle ,you must mean so much to him .' The doctor say it and walked away ,Ariel turn back to Edson and ask him "why you do this for me" , as she fell asleep beside his bed because of the morphine 
The nurse gave her earlier and as soon as Ariel slept Edson woke up from the sleep and found her sleeping next to him quietly as he brushes her hair softly with his hand and she woke up startled with a sweet feeling within her  head and was about to leave when Edson grab her hand just in time and Ariel look at Edson blushing and Edson smiled and said" thanks a lot Ariel"

Then the reality comes, jack lawyer and his mother come to ariel's room “ Are you the girl my boy insult ?”jack's mom ask without any emotion.”it was more than insult ! Who are you ?” Ariel said angrily and confuse , jack's mom just put up her hand and wave to the lawyer ,”hi,my name is Mr light, I'm jack's family lawyer ,I'm here to tell you a good news ..”Mr light performer introduce himself and interrupted by Ariel ,” what GOOD could bring from 
your Ass family ?!?” Ariel said with anger” don't you dare insult our family !you little filthy bitch ! You're just a poor girl who have no manners !” Jack's mom defend her family “Hey !stop saying that ! Her manner is thousand better than your son, at least she won't stab around people with a knife !”” Who dare shout...oh you ...I was going to look for you ,oh ! Not yet introduce I'm !”jack's mom stop speaking because Edson just walked by her didn't even look at her and walk to Ariel side , she put back her hand that she thought she was going to shake Edson hand “ Now ! You will say anything in front of my lawyer I bring with Mrs shanthi , “looks like I don't need to introduce “Mrs shanthi said .”no problem let get start! Ms Ariel , I'm truly sorry about what happens to you, and we wanna to make it up to you ,we wanna to settle for this .””you mean you want her to stop charging you son so he could get away from it !”Edson say it very angry that he hold his fist up ready to launch anytime ,”Edson ?”Mrs shanthi stop him with a gentle warming tone ,” let continue , I was saying we wanna to made good a loss ,if you agree on discharge on jack , I ASSURE you will be RECOVER from this indecent right away” Mr light saying it with 
some strong words within ,and take out a contract with the terms and the amount of jack's family going to pay, Ariel pick it up and read awhile and say no ,Mr light were startle for a moment and said he will give her more time and let her consider again , Mr light and jack's mom leave 
“Don't mind I take a look right ?” Ms shanthi ask nicely ,”yes, you may !” Ariel say it with sweet smile ,after ms shanthi look after it “ no offence, but why you didn't take it ? It not a small amount ! You could have a bright future within this money ,you need it in you collage , no offence but according your family status ?” Ms shanthi say it with surprise ,”I think it not me to take charge to help him , I think the judge will have know what to do, he is underage after all (jack is just high school still under 18 even he do something against the law still don't need to go to jail )” Ariel say it with forgiveness .”are you sure you want to do this ? it going it be harsh  , you did have a high chance of winning but that lawyer will make you a hard time ,as you said he is underage and in this case I can see they are going to blame on his mental circumstances cause in this indecent , that will make the judge just follow the laws” ms shanthi say it with 
professional advice “Well … What can I do ? Just take the money ?” Ariel ask helplessly “hey he may can get away with the charge you put on him , but remember me ?” He point at his stomach and full of words he wanna to spread from his mouth .” I might have a way to make him make it up to you …

After an hour Mr light and jack's mom come and ask Ariel the same question  “ Ms Ariel have you made your mind ?” Mr light asked “No!” Ariel said it with determinedly “ Are … Are you sure ? We can add another ten thousand !” Mr light said it very fast .” I'll discharge the charges by adding one more term in the contract ,I want Jack apologise face to face to me and apologise letter , BOTH formerly !” Ariel say it very staunch.” You this ! Who you think you are ? I won't agree on this !” Jack's mom say it very angrily. “Give us a minute” Mr light say it politely . After a minute “ ms Ariel we will accept your terms , do you agree on the settlement ?” “Yes, I've accept the terms” Ariel said . After signing it they were about to leave ,”hey mom , still have me ,remember ?” Edson say it behind her ear with smile.I believe we will see each other on court ! Since you don't want my money !” Jack's mom say it mean and low, “is not I don't want your money , is you cannot afford it, if you think you're rich ? Think again !” Edson say it with threat tone .

Throughout the days living tighter in the hospital they became closer and closer to each other and the more they know each other the more positive Edson became  ,"Just to let you know, friends does mean a lot ,which is why you need to look for a real friend but not random guys who makes you feels cooler .You know Edson,when you harm or bully people ,what do you feel ?"Ariel said "nothing, I feel nothing, I don't feel great or happy at all .I feel like I'm the best cause I am strong that I can beat up other as they are so weak and cannot fight back but then, when I saw them being afraid of me, I  don't think I'm alive and so I started to feel the thought of I need to pinch them harder harder harder to let them know I'm the fear, I'm the one who they should treat me as God 
"Edson said with no sorrow 
Ariel answer " but then ? Anyone look at you ? Did anyone admire  you ? Anyone see you ? To make people know you and treat you respect , you have to earn it ! Not by bullying  them but  by respecting them first , base on social respect ! Have Those punks ever respect you ? All they ever wanted do to  hang out with you just for the sake of have you in their group of bullies, I know you can feel it deep in your heart that why you want help, all you need to have is the right light switch  !" Edson look at her surprised with what he just heard  and Ariel ask "what ? Do you get it ?" Edson suddenly kiss her ! Ariel was shock and slap his face" what the Fuck was that?" , Edson "I thought you said the right light switch  all I though is kissing you...owww ! That hurt ! ""well ! Think again !" Ariel roll her eyes and laugh. 

On other days Ariel asked why you never talk ? Edson what u mean by I never talk? I do ... Talk , Like talking about  ..." Edson said it without even thinking about it.  " See !you don't talk and I think I know why. You don't have a friend and you have no Idea how to speak of your emotion , all you think is punch punch punch and 
thinking that punching  can help but let me tell you, fist don't talk, your heart do , talk to me  and let me know and let it out !" Ariel convince him calmly 

They both got out of hospital at the same time , as they walk out of the hospital door they felt the fresh air of autumn as the cool wind blows and leaves gently fall from the trees nearby , the cool wind blows through her shoulder and her long silky hair floats in the refreshing air. Ariel look up at Edson and  saw him looking at her with a few tears of joy on his eyelashes in his blue eyes he found out that Ariel and the autumn fit perfectly , they both, fall in love with autumn , but they never tell ...

It's been awhile since autumn came  , the wind is howling, they to sticker together more , than he ask Ariel ' can you stay longer after school today ? I want to ask you something ..'' Why can't you ask now ?' Ariel asked confusedly. "Cause I want to be formal " said 
Edson filled with secretive and excitement ." Where you want to met ?"asked Ariel with curiously  " let's just meet at the classroom !"

After school Ariel stayed at the class waiting for Edson , she looking at the window, it's sunset, that sunset was different than the sunset she looked at normal days, it feels romance for some reason in Ariel hearts.  Ariel heard knocking on the door , when she turn her head and saw Edson standing there with a extremely smart looking suit with the sunset shine on him all dressing up as if he is going to a party .Ariel was amazed and surprise that Edson has changed a lot.Edson walked to her and ask , "my lady may I have a honor to ask you out to be my partner on the christmas ball at the weekend?" Edson ask like a gentleman . Ariel was shocked without thinking sensibly she whisper "yes..." 

The great day is getting closer as Ariel is so excited about it ,she couldn't stop imagine the experience that is going to happen , she spent all her poker money on her ball dress ,  she have a feeling that what she had been waiting for years is going to become reality , same as  Edson he  keep practicing it , but one thing for sure: he don't need to worry about the cost of his suit 

Finally the night has come ,when Edson were waiting at the hall, waiting for her ,he was wearing a black suit with a tux shirt with a light blue tie . it was a cold night ,winter has finally arrive 
 The moment she came Edson was froze ,she was dressed in a purple glaze shine, and sparkle in second layer , matching her eyes , low shoulder to make her more grace , she walked to him slowly Edson has almost forgot what he had been practicing,the haters at the side were stopped because of her stunning look with a beautiful Silky curl bronze hair and a slight reflection of the moon light .At the ball , the haters aware shocked for what they have seen and seem to start regretting what happened and deep in their minds they start to regret not hanging out with her, when they saw she walk towards Edson, they were jealous of him more than before ever ,he asked "may I my lady ?", she graciously said "yes",they dance so romantically even themselves didn't believe it, almost the end of the ball , they walked to a harbour that beside the river and right under the moonlight , Edson kneel down and took the flowers which he hidden carefully under the table at the night before when he prepared . Ariel was already started to cry and her tears start wolfling in her eyes, her waterproof makeup make her tears stay on her lashes making her shiny eyes shown under the grey genial moon light , Edson look up " can you be my gir.... Ah " A girl come out of nowhere and grab Edson so close that he couldn't breath " you ! Come with me ! I thought you promise to dance with me! You said it last night when we were together !" the clock strikes twelve and the bell rang ,She was dragging him away into the crowd, Edson try to say something but the bell was so loud that ariel can't hear a word,when he walk away , she counted the steps he take , Ariel stand there waiting ...waiting ... Waiting ... The moment he left it started to snow ,She keeps waiting even if everyone is gone , the haters laugh at her before they go away, said this is what they expect , no one likes her, till the ball end Edson didn't come back , her mom finally call her and tell her come home to pack up ,she had a little secret that no one in the school knows about she is moving , she is moving near to her college she is going to study , she will leave this town forever ,because of her record in this town is not good , and the deal she made with jackass lawyer ,she walked to her home with her heavy feet , it like every steps she took is stapling her heart towards Edson, she count the steps same that Edson take . Now he is taken , there is her , he stay with her the last night , and he once promised to that girl he will dance with her …’ Ariel keep thinking about it. Butshe don't know the truth..

"No" was the first word that Edson said when he woke up the next day waking up at her sister's room was the least expected , he immediately remember he was dancing with Ariel ! What happens to her ? He thought thinking back that night ... He left Ariel alone ... Standing there ... Waiting ... He started to run , run to Ariel house with all his might hoping  that she will understand him, that she was his sister and he was forced to keep drinking alcohol if not he can't come back to her but after few drink he start feeling wobbly and forget about her ,the next thing he knows is he wakeups at his sister's room. 

Finally , he stop at Ariel home front door , he saw the banner hanging 'For Sale ' he didn't believe his eyes , he go on knocking , no one answer , he turn down and sit at the floor he started to felt so angry he started to think of punching someone , but then he remember what Ariel said " you make someone happy you'll also be happy" ,he change his thought and stand up ready to go home , then he saw something under the carpet , and go on and grab it ,it a letter written his name on it , he immediately open it and start reading:

Dear Edson,
    When you read this letter I'm already on my way, it been great to spend time with you for this year, if you wondering my new address , I don't know , I haven't know it yet , which is why I don't want you to look for me anymore , spend more time with you cute girlfriend ,she is so pretty , you deserve her better than me , I live my life , now live yours, bye !
P.s I wait at the ball , I was going to tell you , but you never come back

Wish you have a happy life

Love BestFriend

Edson start to feel so sorrow about it , he have never cry again since Ariel was there for him , but now Ariel is gone he stared to cry  , he cry so hard he almost couldn't breath anymore , he tried to stop but his tears just won't stop , he started to punching the walls until his hand is full of blood , the people on the streets saw him and call the ambulances  , he got in the same hospital again, and everyday is like living in hell for him.

After a month he wanna to cry but his heart is already drained , no more tears came out , he worked hard on his school work and study harder ,never speak to anyone, and finally he get all subject from E to an A, now he have a chance to go on collage , a chance to go out of a small town and spread his wings go outside the world to study, he went to a collage that far from home and he don't want to leave cause he is always hoping Ariel will come back , but then he decided to move on...

After few months, it spring . Edson was accepted by the best college in the United States of America ,one day ,He was ready to have his lunch when he over heard a familiar sound ,as he try to listen he heard a canteen plate fell on the floor ! He saw lot of people surround there and laugh loudly, he go on and try to take a look, he saw a girl fall on her own food and all wet cause the Bulliers are pouring the drink on her , then Edson couldn't be a bystander anymore , because that remain him the old days he been thorough,, he walk up and stop that guy pouring the drink on her," who do you think you are ? New punk?!?" Said Leon ." I think you should stop this !" Said Edson within all anger he have all in, but he calm down and he startled when he hear the girl whisper " Why...?"he look down and saw Ariel was there and looking up at him with unexpected eyes , " Ariel ? It you ?why did you leave? come let's talk somewhere else " Edson speak and her hold her hand so tight she can't even try to move her hand , they ran together then they got in a classroom where there is no one in there , he locked the door ," I told you not to look for me !" Ariel said angrily ." I didn't ! I tried but I couldn't " Edson said so happy cause he finally see her," than how do you know I'm here , and why are you here ?"Ariel asked with worried." I don't know I just hear you plate broke and I go look , and I work hard on my studies because I want to live a life like you said  and I did it ! Here I am !" He is still so happy about seeing her ." What about your girlfriend ? She will miss you !"Ariel still don't believe him ." Oh shoot ! She is not my girlfriend silly , she is my sister , before that night she ask me will I dance with her I said yes cause I don't want her to cry , than she make me promise !" Edson explain quickly ." Is that mean .. Ahm!" He drag her close suddenly and Lean his head forward so quick, standing theatre stay froze , in middle of a classroom with no one inside they kissed, she didn't slap him this time but she is still shocked , but she didn't want to push him she started to close her eyes and Edson saw her didn't push him he close his eyes also , the sound from outside the classroom door start to pass away all they can hear is each other's heart beat ,Edson get so close to her that he could smell her perfume, that is making him more excited , she smell a bit of his sweat but it wasn't so strong that she care about it, all she cares is the movement of his lips , it strong but gentle , that making her feel so safe that she feels like she can do this forever, their lips locked together and Edson started to put his hands under her clothes and started to touch her skins , Ariel puts her hand around his neck, that he carry her on a table letting her down gently.ah !, BANG BANG BANG !!!!!!!! The lunch bells rings , Edson and Ariel wakeups and realise what have they done " will you be my girlfriend ?" Edson kneel down and continue the speech he didn't finish last time ." YES YES of coz !" Ariel said with happiness , the door start banging cause the student start to come back and found out the door was locked , when Edson go out he saw Leon the guy who was bullying Ariel , leon was shock and walked back few steps but Edson stare at him and walk forward , and gave him a bruise eye

The season  End ...? You want to ?

Written by TigerDevil and ManInSuit 

Thanks for reading 

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