Thursday, 28 July 2016

BrightStar Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Dear readers, I'm trully sorry for taking me so long to write this chapter, but with all my heart I'll try my best to type faster, Now days has always need to study, apologize again.

The next morning Esberstark follow Ryan to George ward, Ryan leaves Esberstark in George rooms and left to school.

“You have got my letter?” Esberstark asks George. “Yeah, that why I ask you to come. I have got few ideas on what happened to Renny!” George said. “Alright! I’m all here, wait… how come you can speak?” Esberstark stop for a while. “It’s still hurt when I speak, but for Tracy. Don’t tell anyone yet.” George wants to keep this as secret yet so no one will bother him for now. “Didn’t Tracy know? she came last night.” Esberstark asks. “that what I want to talk about in today. She never came in, I was with Silver last night, Don’t know what she saw, But I think she left with anger.” George doesn't want to mention what he have done last night. “Oh! that explain it, I saw her today and she doesn't seem to be in a mood to talk about it, What were you doing with Miss Silver?” Esberstark asked. “Nothing! Let talk about Renny first!” George is a terrible liar so he changes the subject.

“alright, let's focus.” Esberstark starts this conversation.

“I’m going to tell you something happened to me when I was still in that hospital and you are not going to believe me.” George wants to make sure Esberstark don't think he is crazy first.

“ well, after the whole Tracy thing, I don’t think there will be more nonsense in this world.”Esberstark don’t think anything else will make him surprise anymore.

“Alright then, when I were still sleeping in hospital, there were a men came in and turn my machine off…” George tell every detail to Esberstark and let him know about that night. “I confirm it was real that night, Dr. Mike came in next day and ask the nurse did anyone came in and mess with my machine, The nurse have no idea, but I’m damn sure there were something wrong. Dr. Mike won't tell me, I believe he is afraid of me knowing a going to lawsuit him, I guess.” George frustrating at this point.

“I’m buying, but after that, what comes up in your brain then?” Esberstark understand George and what to continue knowing about what happened on Renny.

“So then I came up few things, I don’t think Renny did it. Maybe he did it, but not him.” George said.

“What?!” Esberstark don’t follow.

“I don’t think is Renny mind when he did it, it wasn’t himself. Also I think he have helped. I don’t think a nerd like him can do all this by himself, setting his only friend on fire, that is not any nerd can do.” George explain it better.

“So… Renny didn’t do it, who did?” Esberstark ask.

“A help form an elder in order to know this way to put away evidence, and another personality of himself.” George clear the fog.

“Renny was a psychopath?!” Esberstark got off guard.

“Come down! I don’t think he did all those killing. It just a connotation, it not necessary right!” George said.

“So… Who is the elder who help?”Esberstark ask.

“I don’t know! I wasn’t in your time! Should be you who answer this question. I’m just telling you what i think on all this after such long time. How many days left to Christmas show?” George have done his job and start to worry about his show.

“Two days, I’m afraid you don’t have much time left. Get your ass up and start Ruling your own team. I don’t think your best friend Ryan is holding on anymore.” Esberstark said.

“Shot! Two days?!” George flabbergaster and call the nurse to register going back to school.

“Gotta go, time to do my job.” Esberstark walk away and said.