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Days of Reality - 100th love story

Days of reality-100th love story
Base on a love story during the Second World War

         He quickly drag her to a to a bomb shelter and hid there , after the bombing, she recover and found out that her parents died , she started crying and was unable to stop , Joe rip part of of his clothes and gave it to her and said “we need to get out of here”he took her hand and start dragging her away , she was shocked and unable to react to his reaction , it didn’t take they anytime until they found a german soldier , he directed they to the train station, when they are about to arrive there ,Abbie shocked off his hand and sat down crying , Joe went up to her and kneeled in front of her and said "listen Abbie I will only say this once, I love you with all my heart and soul, u are the reason I didn't give up in life yet, trust me, believe me. U believe me right ?“.she nodded and quickly wipe her tears .On the way to the train station , they saw the destruction that the Germans create ,they saw the dead bodies and the further they walk the harder Abbie hold Joe arm.Abbie hides behind Joe as they walk pass the pile of bodies that the Nazi collected , when they finally reach the train station,they found out that the last train had already left , they had to sleep at the train station for the night. It was a cold freezing night,The wind howls and snow flicks gliding through the freezing cold air. Joe took off his jacket and gave it to Abbie, At that split second Abbie looked into Joe's Eyes with pain and sadness but at the same  time filled with hope and love , joe stopes for what he saw in front his eyes is priceless. As Abbie stare at him with those stunning eyes filled with tears. As soon as she realize he knew she is crying she quickly look at him in a face of curiosity and happiness through her miraculous violet eyes.  the tears froze on her eyelashes reflecting the moonlight on Joe . His heart stop. As everything goes quiet , he leaning forward, so close that they can feel their hot breath breathing on each other's! They started at each other until Abbie start to break down , drops of tears start rolling down her cheek ,hugging him so tight against her chest she felt warmth and love. Joe hugged her until she slept.It felt like century until the sun finally rise and more and more people start swarming in the train station , Abbie was still very sleepy but warm in the arms of Joe.
 They are lucky to get a cart that have a top , some of the cart don't have a top , imagine that cool when it snowing and the train move so fast that you can't see all you can it hear the train Rowling on track, but joe and abbie weren't that good either , inside that cart were stuff with people sitting on and on each other's, totally black dark inside only few light shine in from the crack on the woods , it so cold inside that you get hard to breath ...

it felt like hours till they got to the border of Germany.When they got there it felt like they have entered a fairy tale , trains  filled with people pour out of the cart and beautiful building surrounding them , soldier armed with guns are ready to shoot at will , hot steam flow through them giving them a hot bath , and it was at that time when Abbie fell in love with Joe . She tap Joe’s arm telling him that she is awake . It was  more like a maze than a train station , people shouting and shops seems to have surrounded with shops and fancy lights , Abbie stop and to look at the view from the second floor of the train station and lost sight of Joe , she tried calling his name but it was too noisy and it was impossible for him to hear it ,she suddenly started trembling and start running around and bumped into a few man and she start shouting in fear, Joe heard the scream and quickly ran to her and hug her as she burst out of tears crying,he hold tightly her against his chest and said “I'll always found you “ and carried her out of the crowded train station , it took them a long time until they found a flat , they thought that they are going to live happily ever after but often realty is horrible and harsh on us , they are often told that they are a pair of lucky couple they don’t understand it until his day of judgement came .

On that day , they are told to pack up and leave their homes as the great Hitler had a better place for them , they don’t really understand but they only know if they're told to do it they do so.they were sent to what seems to be a very small and poor town , where rats were bigger that cats and insects are running around , water systems are bad and they have barely any food to eat they are starving and was unable to walk straight , Joe started stealing from the Nazi even though he know it is a bad idea ,
nearly every time he got beaten up by Nazi but still went on stealing for Abbie because he love her and can’t bare to see her starve so he told himself that he need to do something about it, it didn’t take them long to find out that Hitler purposely put all of the Jews in the “camp”, everyday they more and more people died from hunger on the street and soldier beating up Jews for no reason at all but they were told that they are going to be alright if they stay quite.
 One time Joe got shot from escaping from the Nazi and needed to recover from it . Abbie clean the wound and as she is crying tears dropped on the wound and every drop Joe felt the pain that he made her go through and felt really sorry for what he had done . When he slept Abbie wrote a poem about him .

Bit by bit and day by day
in such a lovely special way
I really don’t know how to say
but I will if I may.

In times of sorrow and times of pain
my love for you is not vain
the doubts came but often knocked
but my love for you is safely locked

you are the reason I get up to face each hectic day

how did our life get  so consumed with nonsense on the way
my days are long my nights are cold
without you here for me to hold

so tell me now and tell me true
so I can say i am here for you
is there any chance you love me too ?

Any yet you know I still love you
a love so strong and so true
whatever you do wherever you go
my love for you will follow too

when she woke she found herself in his lap and he is reading the poem she is shocked and took it back from him he is shocked and surprised she woke up she blushed and he smiled holding her head closer and said “ yes”he slowly lowered his head towards her and kiss her carefully, she is really scared and shocked but she stop when he kissed her .
It was a month later after they kissed each other when they were told that they need to move and was warned by armed man saying if you make a run for it they will shoot you .
they were scared and they were sent to a cart and Abbie was scared and lean against Joe’s back ....

They arrive to a camp site and the first thing they say were naked  corps getting burned and everyone on the train understand what is going to happen to them .they were forced out of the cart and they were told by a SS Nazi that they are sent here to help the fatherland if not they will be punished . They were told to line up against a wall and will be searched from top to bottom then they need to
learn German in a few minute including how to say “ good morning sir SS my name is ...” if not they will be beaten up and needed to try again until they know it “ they were told to mine but were given little to no food , they live under poor condition and was finding it hard to even stand , many of them are starving to death but among all of them some are really fat since they were given chemical no increase their size so they can show the outside world that they treat them good and there is nothing to worried about when the fact is that they were starving to death , what kept them going is the home of surviving and seeing their love ones one more time before death came to knock on their door.many of their friends died in the camp they need to run through a test weekly and what they only know is that if you failed the test you are sent to line up on the other side , they don;t know where it leads to and they certainly don't want to know about it . It’s been months since they came to the “camp” and during one of the test they were told that they failed it and they know that they are about to face a horrible truth, they were told to separate by sex gender. Before they separate they both looked into their eyes , and promised to remember the looks on their face that when they are reborn they will meet up again and start a new life and they had their last kiss . they both looked out of the window trying to see if they can find each other and for the first time tears came from Joe’s eyes .he told himself “the luckiest thing that happened to me is meet her ?why have I always leave her, risking my life out there everyday , finding food for her because he don’t want to see her suffer from starve but the whole time I forgot how many drops of tears touch the ground because of me getting hurt, she is fine with starving ,she is fine with suffering ,as long as I am around her ,making her happy for she can not survive without me already , I should not have left her , I should not have made her worry , why am I such a stupid person ?” the more he thought about her more tears roll down his cheek. Meanwhile Abbie thought to herself “why and I so stupid? ” I spent my whole life trying to find a good guy who I can cry together laugh  together when what I wanted is just right in front of me ? ”,“says who a stable boy can not  fall in love with a rich girl ?”,“I...I miss his warm and cozy hug..." , suddenly a board cast said that they are going to have shower from all the hard work you have done to fatherland . a glimmer of hope appeared in his mind thinking that they will be free . When they arrive they need to walk through a tunnel down to the very big basement to what seems like a
changing room they were told to take off their clothes and on the way to what seems like shower Joe found a dirty window which he can barely see through and saw a passage going the same way and he drew half a heart and wrote Joe under it and went on and when he entered the room he started to find it hard to breath and the last word he said was “Abbie”

Abbie just arrived and her face was filled with tears-tracks she was also told the same thing and on the way she say the dirty mirror and say Joe’s name on it .She finished the drawing of the heart and wrote you with her name under it and enter the room , when the doors are shut she start finding it hard to breath and with the last breath of her she said
“I love you Joe”.

The end

This is a  friction story , it made up  if any thing may offended you I'm sorry

Written by ManInSuit and TigerDevil

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