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Days of reality - The Crack

Days of Reality -the crack 

“I use to be a happy girl with an awesome boyfriend but ever since I enter the dark age I can't find a reason to live anymore..." Amy cried without a sound only tears run throw her eyelashes and end up on her diary , and that is when the diary ended,she cried until her tears dries out and and dehydrated from crying she m ok exhausted and fall asleep on her table can I say she died in forest ?as blood started to soake her diary .it all happened like this...

About a year ago Amy was still a daughter of a rich family, a smart student in the university of London , a beautiful girl with a lot of followers but she was not the brightest people all people think she. She is sad, lonely  and negative,every time she thought of her past boyfriend who died in the Second World War tears of bitter start dropping from her cheeks and every drop of tear fell from her face only reflect the pain from her heart.
One day she sat on the side of the window as usual,it was six in the morning the pain in her heart is driving her crazy ,she can't get any sleep neither  eat nor drink .she looked over the rooftop of other houses expecting the sun to rise up at any time but what she saw was a man, young, handsome guy sitting on the roof with a beer next to him and a cat watching the sunrise.Amy instantly fell in love with him, looking at him Amy forgot any horrible things that she had been through as if she was reborn. 
She shouted "hey you,you're blocking my sight of the glorious sunrise " as he slid off the roof. After a while a paper airplane flew into her window and on it wrote" well I am sorry :) I am Harry " As she looked out of the window across the road the he stare at her for a while filled with embarrassment , she closed the curtain ,she blushed as she press against her chest she can feel her heartbeats rising quickly , she felt wonderful , the least time that she felt in love is with her last boyfriend. After a while another paper airplane got stuck between the curtain she opened the curtain and by accident the paper airplane flew out of the window again as she reach out to catch it she looked down and found nearly a hundred of those paper airplane and as she looked at the otherwise of the road the only thing that appeared were paper airplanes she foul the paper airplane and wrote " stop it u fool you're creating a mess oh and by the way I am Amy :)" and flew across right into his window . As time pass the more she spent time talking through paper airplanes the more she found him attractive . 
One day he asked “i have been wounding Amy it would be my honor to invite you on a date ?" She was shocked but at the same time filled with fear, terror and pain. She lock herself in her room and tried her hardest to convince herself to accept it ! She tried so hard to move on , but what seems possible is actually not  , She had not reply him for three days and at last he flew the plane across to her room and on it wrote " I am sorry, I am stupid :) just pretend that never happened "
Amy is scared and flew a paper airplane across she wrote" no stupid I am foolish I should be the one is is sorry when do u want to meet up ? " next thing she heard is the scream of happiness across the road both of them started dating , going to town, candy shop, coffee shop parks and theaters she was really happen and sad because every time she looked at him she remembered  his past boyfriend he brought get a lot of hater and jealousy , he have a pair of green eyes ,brown color hair cover half of his face , he also wear a leaf shape earring on his left ear ,Amy can still clearly remember that he love raining days...that's  why she hate rainy days since it remind her of her first her boyfriend told him she hate rain but every time when it rains she will ask if he wants to go dating with her , the reason behind it is so that she can stay closer to him in the rain and every bit of the pain from the past came back to her,and tears will start rolling down her face but he never notice since the rain covered the tear tracks 
About a week ago ,it was a rainy day Amy was very happy she went out with Harry it seem like century since the first time she went out with him but every happy thing often comes to a horrible ending. That day ,Harry brought two umbrella, Amy was surprised and sad but she told herself he don't want her to get wet so she continued going on , this time instead instead of Bringing her to town , he brought her to the peak . Even though it was raining cats and dogs , there was a awkward silence , she know something's wrong and was about to start a topic when Harry said “you must be wondering why did I brought you here " she nodded the next thing he said gave her a heart attack he said “you see Amy,every good thing often comes to an end , I think...I think we should split up for a while and maybe sort ourselves out" she collapsed , and Harry left the peak.Amy was shocked and afraid, afraid of reality, it felt like ur woke up from a sweet dream ,she felt like reality is horrible , filled with terror she stared into the distance for two days straight with no food and water, she don't understand why he left her , she don't understand what did she do to deserve this , the only thing in Amy's mind is that she hopes this is all a dream. Back in home her parents were very worry about her , the police found her two days later , she is as pale as a piece of paper , after what happened Amy didn't go to school for a month causing the school to suspend her for a month , he family abandoned her and same for all of her followers, before she left the house she went to the kitchen and took a knife with her . At night she start cutting herself , even though it's painful she still loves it , tears mixed with blood create a stream. She loved it because this pain compare to what she is going through right now is nothing ,she kept on cutting herself day by day until one day ,when she is cutting herself she fainted, it was a close call thankfully her mother found out in time she was then sent to a private flat owned by the government,under 24h care until her depression have a slight change ,everything was going as plan until one day as After school Any was on her way back from school to her house when she saw Harry passing by and as she looked back she can see another girl running towards him ,Amy was shocked and was unable to move , the depression in her heart where she hid it so well was let out as if a heavy flood in a rainy storm , the question in her mind changed, I became "is there something that she is good at instead of me " 
After she returned to her house,there is nothing different of her, she start to understand what might me going on , she started to understand that getting depressed again and again is more painful than being depressed and the only way to archive that is to not show what u really feel, she is tired of changing , she felt that changing brought her great pain.Amy told herself that maybe ever since the first day she met him every part of her is bad. When ever she close her eyes there is nothing but Harry and darkness , living under such pain she felt as if she is living for years sake of living . Every night she dream of Herry letting her hand go and she falling into a void . She tried to bare the pain that had been thriving her crazy until one day she decided to take out the knife,a piece of paper and pen to the rooftop , she wrote " Harry my dear ,help me...but maybe it's too late already, when ur reading this , I will be looking at u above the clouds so don't be sad , find a new life , you know I really do treasure the times we had together and I love the time when you abandon me in the rain I will always remember how you taught me the true meaning of the word crack, I hope you do too , I wish you will have a great life and and a lot of cute babies. I am sorry that I can't talk to you face to face when that happened but I will be looking at you above the clouds ^_^ love Amy as she finish the letter she folded it into a paper airplane, the one her parents once taught her and on it wrote "see you in my next life ." And throw it into Harry's doorsteps and she lift her knife
of she looked into the clear blue sky with the sunset it seems like the heaven doors are open and ready to welcome her in . 
The news soon spread over the night, everyone pity her some cried in her ceremony and within those is Harry the one who left the grave last .He haven't return home ever since Amy killed herself , just thinking about it kills him he have been in the graveyard for two days ,and one day when he went home he found the letter and start reading it and as he start reading it drops of tears roll down his cheek, as it rolls down his cheek it tickles him but the more the more it tickles, the more he understand how much it hurts her that day when he left her on the peak. After the death of Amy the house that she lived in seems to be cursed , doors in the house have cracks all over the place and is u read it carefully u can see sentence and sentence of " my heart...a crack...I feel horrible , and and not living but surviving.
One of the most horrible thing about life , humanity is misunderstanding but when you realize it, it's too late .
What Amy found out after her death pains her inside out , what she know is that Harry left her but what she didn't know is that Harry was preparing for their wedding , he worked so hard, so hard that he didn't even realize what happened as time pass , he wanted to marry Amy so bad that he will do everything for it even if it mean separating from her . 
   It all happen like night, Harry was checking his mail when he discover a e-mail which wrote" one million to anyone who is willing to date my daughter with a broken heart for a week " but Harry can't let Amy know about it since it was suppose to be a surprise wedding. Amy say everything Harry did for her , she felt shameful, selfish . The next thing Amy saw is Harry lying next to her grave, hugging it starving for days she tried to talk to him but failed until the day where he starve to death , everyone around town pity them, saying they are a pair of cursed couple.
The next morning people found their grave had scars that seem like a half broken heart no matter how people try to patch then the scars will remain there the next morning 
Maybe it's the gods who is making this sound like a joke, but will the lovers ever be together ?? No one knows

Written by ManInSuit and TigerDevil 

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