Friday, 6 November 2015

Day of Reality- The Rain

The rain 

Rainy day 。。。people dislike wet weather , it always makes you feel sticky and horribly  uncomfortable but do they know the story of the rain?

The story starts at the night, a rainy night  a poor city girl name Lucy lives in a small town. As she looks through the muddy window , listening to the sound of the rainehen it drips , through the muddy window she notice a boy across the street looking up to the rainy sky and enjoying as the cold chilly rain falls on his face as she looks at him carefully she started to notice the smile on his face and at that instant she fall in love with him as he looks up she was shocked and don't know how to react, but blush he smiled and left.As days pass they started have strong feeling towards each other but never speak about it and soon they became friends ,the boy's name is Mark they often go out when ever they are free
After a hot day, he finally man up and sat down on his bed and thought about a beautiful relationship between him and her . Hours pass when he finally made up his mind and brought her flowers and decided to ask her out on a date tomorrow.
 The great day came as he barely slept last night, as he rolls left and right in his bed , thinking about the beautiful memories that may happen between them. As he looks through the crack of the curtain and the moon light shiny brightly into his eyes filled with fear and excitement. The next morning he woke up in fear of forgetting something early in the morning and sort himself out and was ready to go to her house . It seems like ages until he reach her house , as he knock on the door his face turned from excited to scared , every nightmare he had popped out of his mind, all the painful histories he had with girls he loved appeared out of the blue, the next thing he know is Lucy standing in front of him filled with curiosity and happiness, her happiness filled his fear with sweet honey and calm him down. Mark spoke,but Luck can't hear it and he decided to take a deep breath and hug her tightly and said " would you like to go on a date with me ?" Putting the flower down on the table next to the door with a card written on it ,
She was shocked and flabbergasted for a second or two her thought were just filled with the memories that will happen between them when she calm down she said " yes of cause" he start walking in the opposite direction of the town and Lucy was curious about where he wanted to talk her to and before she even ask , he said "Waite and see" with a big bright smile on his face .
As they arrive to the peak, Mark ask Lucy to close her  eyes and promise that she will love it . After about ten steps , Mark said " ready when you are" the simile from her face start changing as soon as she saw what's in front of her , the orange sunlight shone into her eyes. The eyes of curiosity soon changed into the eyes of love , she felt as if honey was dripping onto her heart , warm and comfortable. it's the first time she sees sunrise  she had been always kept in her house since she had nowhere to go ,she was amazed and beside her stood Mark looking into her eyes of happiness and enjoyment under the Orange sunlight he felt a warmth that he never experience before, the wind blows and as the wind blow Lucy's hair flickers under the sunlight and she looks at Mark with a smile . And under the blessing of the sunrise and the town and all people of the town ...they kissed.
Mark visited 
Luck day by day they talked day and night , they often sit at the park across the steer of her house under the trees , holding hands and stare into the sky sometime they go to work together , they sometime went on field trip they love each other so much that they can't sleep if they didn't see each other. Life was good until Mark join the army when the German attacked Britian and he was told to go one the viral battlefield where death itself is working really hard resting soul into his dreadful arms. 

They worry about each other,they wrote letter to themselves imagine they sent it out and they wrote it again as time goes there are nothing but letters that surround them everyday there is nothing but death message both of them are afraid to take a glance at it 

After the war,  England finally won by withstanding the attack from German but to them it seems like years or even centuries they are so happy to see each other  again. and on that day ,the sky rain for two days straight as the tears from the God wash away the dirt on the solder's face, the blood on the streets and in the middle of the rain He ask her " can you marry me? I miss you !" " No!" A voice loud and clear stopes everyone around her , his face was filled with pain, the sorrow inside his heart kills him , he looks up and saw her smile face , she gently touch his face and said " do you know how much pain you put me throughly ? I hate you but yet I still love you , more over why did u stole my line ??" Mark laugh in tears and everyone cheer and this is the story of the rain

Written by ManInSuit and second edit by me TigerDevil

This story is friction nothing serious   

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